church mouse

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'That I have come back, poorer than a church mouse? You know that.
told me he was from Berlin, very learned and good, but poor as a church mouse, and gives lessons to support himself and two little orphan nephews whom he is educating here, according to the wishes of his sister, who married an American.
'A church mouse?' Mrs Merdle suggested with a smile.
I'm as poor as a church mouse; you know that, my dear.
Sadly, however, to this day that original church mouse has never been found.
A child's first mystery thriller by Steven Thomas Oney (who is the author of the award winning Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater audio series), "Dough Mouse" is the story of an albino church mouse, who is living with his grandfather while awaiting his parents return.
It can be problematic enough at the best of times with the whole 'I've got nothing to wear, my clothes are all rags, and I need to hang on for my Zara voucher at Christmas because after that fortnight in Fuengirola I'm as poor as a church mouse' thing.
Adhering to strict laws of gender stereotyping, I've marvelled over Neymar Jr's pretty face and had countless discussions over what a pity it isHarry Kaneisn't more of a looker, else he'd be taking his top off to sell over-priced undies and givingBeckhama run for his endorsement-deal money (like the guy is poor as a church mouse otherwise).
Idiot you won't call celebrities names while am here abiro yanyi proper, been watching you 2017, haya 2018 nitakutukana ujidharau, abuse me with your achievements yet you had sex every single day in 2017 but still broke like a church mouse come baby come #callpolis it's my wall, it's you following me I am not following you and it's not by thuon!
Worse is to come - when banks are threatening to quit Britain, she is a church mouse without a roar.
At the other hand, it is an open secret that our country Pakistan is as poor as a church mouse. But are we really ready to present the next episode on poverty as a successful attempt against the unfavourable phenomenon of poverty?
Old "Call me Dave" is just a church mouse pretending to be a rat playing at being a spiv boasting a college education.

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