church tower

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church building, church - a place for public (especially Christian) worship; "the church was empty"
tower - a structure taller than its diameter; can stand alone or be attached to a larger building
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The church tower, the church roof, the church yard, the prison leads, the very water-spouts and lampposts--every inch of room--swarmed with human life.
The noises in the streets became less frequent by degrees, until silence was scarcely broken save by the bells in church towers, marking the progress--softer and more stealthy while the city slumbered--of that Great Watcher with the hoary head, who never sleeps or rests.
After a day or two, the sexton awoke him at midnight, and bade him arise and go up into the church tower and ring the bell.
He had just passed over a compact, whitewashed, village with a straight church tower and steep red-tiled roofs.
As he trailed, Bert saw ahead of him one of the most attractive little towns in the world--a cluster of steep gables surmounted by a high church tower and diversified with trees, walled, and with a fine, large gateway opening out upon a tree-lined high road.
It WAS a fine night, and the streets were dry and even clean for X ; there was a crescent curve of moonlight to be seen by the parish church tower, and hundreds of stars shone keenly bright in all quarters of the sky.
Several times, taking a walk from his inn into meadows and parks, he stopped by a well-worn stile, looked across through the early evening at a gray church tower, with its dusky nimbus of thick-circling swallows, and remembered that this might have been part of the entertainment of his honeymoon.
I did not succeed in getting a glimpse of the common, for even Horsell and Chobham church towers were in the hands of the military authorities.
They were alone together, once again; every object was bright and fresh; nothing reminded them, otherwise than by contrast, of the monotony and constraint they had left behind; church towers and steeples, frowning and dark at other times, now shone in the sun; each humble nook and corner rejoiced in light; and the sky, dimmed only by excessive distance, shed its placid smile on everything beneath.
His deference was agreeable to her, his manners were exemplary; and when the church towers and factory chimneys of the town came into sight, she roused herself, and recalled memories of the fair summer of 1853, which fitted in harmoniously with what she was dreaming of the future.
This includes allowing the public to go up the church tower, view the parish registers, visit the masonic lodge, take a guided tour of the town's railway history and see the icehouse, which are all normally unavailable to the public.
Mr Rennie and his congregation have had to put up with the unsightly growth, caused by rainwater carrying lichen from the roof down the length of the front and rear of the church tower.