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Adj.1.churned-up - moving with or producing or produced by vigorous agitation; "winds whipped the piled leaves into churning masses"; "a car stuck in the churned-up mud"
agitated - physically disturbed or set in motion; "the agitated mixture foamed and bubbled"
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Visitors to Little Rock's Midtown area surely have noticed the churned-up dirt and big earth movers.
His 1lb 15.8oz cod caught from South Gare proved to be a match winner as 12 of the 18 who fished in the single fish match weighed in, with the churned-up sea making conditions perfect.
The trail of destruction at Myton Fields, in Myton Road, Warwick, includes dozens of dumped trees and pallets, churned-up turf from tyre tracks, and charred patches of earth where bonfires were lit.