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 (cho͞o-rä′skə-rē′ə, chə-răs′kə-)
A restaurant serving churrasco, often featuring all-you-can-eat service and having waiters who carry skewered meat to the diners' tables and cut slices upon request.

[Brazilian Portuguese churasco, churrasco; see churrasco + -aria, suffix forming nouns of place (on the model of Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish churrasqería, restaurant serving barbecue beef).]
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So, Rodizio Brazilian Churrascaria, one of the well-loved restaurants in Doha serving their famous churrasco, will be celebrating a special Latin American Festival from September 6 to 14.
A one-of-a-kind oceanfront escape, the exquisite resort boasts 7 culinary options and 5 bars that include authentic Turkish gourmet dishes at Lalezar Restaurant and La Churrascaria for a la carte, Brazilian cuisine.
Birmingham-based Rodizio Rico, the UK's first authentic Churrascaria restaurant, hosted an innovative 'pay what you feel' dinner on Thursday to raise PS3,756 for Birmingham Children's Hospital.
Churrascaria Palace in Copacabana was founded in 1951 and was named Rio de Janeiro's best steakhouse in 2017, which explains why the restaurant was packed out at 9pm on a Monday.
EXCLUSIVE offEr for Echo READERS only 40% off a full Rodizio at Viva Brazil Bookings via Viva Brazil Churrascaria is an award winning, authentic, Brazilian style steakhouse.
For meat-eaters, a meal in Churrascaria Palace, one of the city's traditional steakhouses is essential.
Texas de Brazil Churrascaria a new restaurant specializing in Brazil's flame-roasted meats carved tableside blended with the Lone Star state's hospitality opened this week at The Village at Meridian.
Viva Brazil Churrascaria is an award winning, authentic, Brazilian style Steakhouse serving authentic Brazilian BBQ meats since 2010.
The Lido Cafe has been transformed into the Marketplace, an 'open kitchen' venue that offers made-to-order dishes and transforms into the Brazilian-style barbeque restaurant, Churrascaria, in the evening.
The first to open was Brasa, a variation on the churrascaria concept.
Texas de Brazil Churrascaria is starting its 20-year anniversary celebration in July (the actual anniversary is in October).
The property's F&B includes: Chamas Churrascaria, Circo, Byblos Sur Mer, Cho Gao Marina Walk, Fishmarket and Belgian Cafe.