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 (cho͞o-rä′skō, chə-răs′kō)
Grilled meat, especially when cooked on a skewer in Brazilian cuisine and served with chimichurri.

[Brazilian Portuguese, from Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish churrasco, barbecued cuts of beef, from Spanish churrascar, to toast, grill, barbecue, originally a variant of Spanish dialectal churruscar, probably ultimately from blending of Spanish churrar, to toast (of imitative origin, from the sound of sizzling), Spanish socarrar, to singe, toast (from Old Spanish, perhaps of Basque origin : from Basque su, fire + karra, flame), and Spanish chamuscar, to singe (probably from Portuguese chamuscar, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *sēmiusticāre, to singe, (influenced by Portuguese chama, flame, from Latin flamma; see bhel- in Indo-European roots), from Latin sēmiustus, singed : sēmi-, half, semi- + ustus, burnt, past participle of ūrere, to burn).]
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So, Rodizio Brazilian Churrascaria, one of the well-loved restaurants in Doha serving their famous churrasco, will be celebrating a special Latin American Festival from September 6 to 14.
Take advantage of the Churrasco for Kids offer Monday through Thursday, Aug.
I loved the fish dishes - chub pate, perch risotto or the local shad - and the Churrasco's spit-cooked beef.
The Japanese-Brazilian celebrity is rolling out new food cart businesses that will sell Brazilian treats churrasco, pao de quiejo (cheese bread), and pasteis (pastel).
The chef will produce a menu offering Pan Latin dishes served as sharing platters, grilled meat churrasco and traditional rodizio served a la carte, alongside a selection of savoury side dishes.
"TheVillage at Meridian'sbeautiful setting and upscale retail options provide a welcoming environment in which our guests can experience our authentic churrasco and unique combination of Brazilian culture and generousTexashospitality.
Com base nessas diretrizes, o corpus de analise foi composto por tres embalagens de um mesmo produto alimenticio, disponivel em tres sabores distintos, que sao diferenciados nas embalagens pelo seguinte codigo de cores: azul ciano para o sabor 'original', verde amarelado para a variedade 'cebola e salsa' e vermelho para o sabor 'churrasco' (figura 01).
The Dimsum Atelier is cooking up Steamed Chocolate Pig Buns, while a luscious Beef Prime Rib with balsamic chocolate reduction is served at the Churrasco Atelier.
Fogo de Chao: Buy a churrasco lunch, dinner or Sunday Brunch at the restaurant from Valentine's Day through Feb.
The menu in full is: Germany Beef burger with German sausage and smoked cheese Brazil Beef burger with Churrasco sauce Belgium Beef burger with Belgian pate Portugal Chicken breast in peri peri sauce Argentina Minute steak with Chimchurri sauce Switzerland Beef burger with mushrooms and Swiss cheese.