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 (cho͞o-rä′skō, chə-răs′kō)
Grilled meat, especially when cooked on a skewer in Brazilian cuisine and served with chimichurri.

[Brazilian Portuguese, from Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish churrasco, barbecued cuts of beef, from Spanish churrascar, to toast, grill, barbecue, originally a variant of Spanish dialectal churruscar, probably ultimately from blending of Spanish churrar, to toast (of imitative origin, from the sound of sizzling), Spanish socarrar, to singe, toast (from Old Spanish, perhaps of Basque origin : from Basque su, fire + karra, flame), and Spanish chamuscar, to singe (probably from Portuguese chamuscar, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *sēmiusticāre, to singe, (influenced by Portuguese chama, flame, from Latin flamma; see bhel- in Indo-European roots), from Latin sēmiustus, singed : sēmi-, half, semi- + ustus, burnt, past participle of ūrere, to burn).]
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Enjoy a buffet of carvings and churrascos (Brazilian barbecue) with salads and desserts, plus unlimited local beers and house wines.
All Ramirez knows about Caitlyn before they arrive at Churrascos, the upscale Latin American restaurant where they will dine Saturday before prom, is that her favorite color is pink and she likes sushi.
Bem-vindos todos os trabalhos focados na qualidade da carne, bem-vindos os cortes novos e atrativos para os churrascos, bem-vinda a trazabilidade que tem dado um selo de qualidade a carne e nos proporciona seguranca.
Pero este tipo de retos no le son nuevos: este hombre que bebe mate, come churrascos, lee Selecciones y escucha a los Bee Gees, ya ha sacado del pozo a los equipos que ha dirigido, incluido el de la Seleccion de Brasil, con la que gano la recien concluida Copa del Mundo Corea-Japon.
Toma mate, le gusta el churrasco y el vino con moderacion, y es, sobre todas las cosas, amante de la vida familiar.
Glenn Cordua founder and director of the institute and former operator with brother Michael of restaurants Americas and Churrascos Grill.
Cordua had always loved to cook, so he took his severance package and in 1988 started a restaurant called Churrascos in a dumpy neighborhood in Houston.
Cordoea, the chef and owner of Churrascos, Americas and Amazon Grill created the menu for the event while Mango Punch is slated to perform, Black tie optional.
Asista a la gala "Las Sonrisas South of the Border" que incluye el concierto de la Ricky Diaz Orchestra y comida suramericana, cortesia de Michael Cordua, de Churrascos, en el Centro de Conferencias Edwin Hornberg, 2151 de Holcombe.