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On Monday's show, Dan wowed the nation when he correctly spelled 10 complex words, which included phelloderm, soliloquy, epyllion and churrigueresque.
Similarly, he veers towards the ornamental excesses of the Churrigueresque style and the fin-de-siecle sonic richness of Strauss's waltzes.
Its ornate exterior, designed in the elaborate Spanish churrigueresque style, abounded with carved bison, steer heads, and allegorical figures playing stringed instruments, while the interior scheme was inspired by John Ruskin's 1841 fairy tale King of the Golden River.
This is a bit of a surprise, since before these California missions were going up, architects throughout Mexico and Spain were going wild with the churrigueresque style in which every square inch of every available surface is decorated with cherubs, angels, and whatever else the artisans felt like carving that day.
The church of Santa Monica, which is intricately carved in the Churrigueresque style, was completed about 1720.