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n. pl. chur·ros
A thick fritter of fried dough, usually topped with cinnamon and sugar and served with a chocolate sauce.

[Spanish, perhaps from churro, coarse, (sheep) having coarse wool, (one) speaking Spanish with an Aragonese accent (the fritter perhaps being so called because of its appearance or its possible place of origin), probably of Iberian origin; akin to Portuguese surro, uncleanliness, filth (as from sweat).]
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n, pl -ros
(in Spain and Latin America) a sweet, baton-shaped snack of fried dough
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In May, Lidl sold one bag of the mouth-watering dough pastries every six seconds in the first three days, so churro lovers better be quick!
Churro Mia-The Latin Qatari Delight that fuses Qatari and Latin delicacies is also a Qatari entrepreneur's idea who has spent several years in Spain.
Vince had the dream of one day opening up his own churro shop featuring the fried goodies.
Pack 1/3 to 1/2 of dough into a churro press* fitted with a deeply indented 5/8-in.
Unique textile woven of handspun brown and cream Churro wool and dotted with cochineal dyed raveled bayeta and indigo dyed Churro; central band of stepped diamonds are flanked by vertical zigzags and double horizontal bars, 81 x 58 in., ca 1860
Dhaval Patel, CEO, Chocolateria San Churro's said, "Our objective is to provide customers an excuse to celebrate in style, and how better than the best of quality of Spanish Chocolates, and Desserts that are on offer." San Churro serves a variety of Spanish Hot Chocolate, Classic Shakes, Sacred Blend Coffee, Couverture Hot Chocolate and a range of desserts that includes cakess, pasteries, ice-creams and tarts.
You have to wonder how much obsessing Cold Stone did over the nutritional aspects of its Churro Caramel Crave.
Handspinners like the wool from Churro sheep, and they are willing to pay premium prices for it.
Navajo weaving expert Steve Getzwiller is now offering The Navajo Churro Collection, a unique line that represents contemporary Navajo weaving.
Though driven to near extinction since the 19th century by government stock reductions that slaughtered hundreds of thousands, the Churro was always cherished and protected by the Dine who hid remnant herds in remote areas such as Black Mesa and Monument Valley.