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n. pl. chur·ros
A thick fritter of fried dough, usually topped with cinnamon and sugar and served with a chocolate sauce.

[Spanish, perhaps from churro, coarse, (sheep) having coarse wool, (one) speaking Spanish with an Aragonese accent (the fritter perhaps being so called because of its appearance or its possible place of origin), probably of Iberian origin; akin to Portuguese surro, uncleanliness, filth (as from sweat).]


n, pl -ros
(in Spain and Latin America) a sweet, baton-shaped snack of fried dough
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Pack 1/3 to 1/2 of dough into a churro press* fitted with a deeply indented 5/8-in.
Tuck in to the sugary goodness of the traditional Spanish churros from Churro Bros.
Brandt Maybury, of Green & Black's dips a churro in the chocolate fountain
There's nothing like reaching into a small, grease-marked paper bag and pulling out a piping hot churro, the cinnamon warming the nostrils, and plunging it into the thick pool of chocolate.
San Churro serves a variety of Spanish Hot Chocolate, Classic Shakes, Sacred Blend Coffee, Couverture Hot Chocolate and a range of desserts that includes cakess, pasteries, ice-creams and tarts.
You have to wonder how much obsessing Cold Stone did over the nutritional aspects of its Churro Caramel Crave.
The four new creations are Brownie A La Cold Stone, featuring warm chocolate brownies with French Vanilla ice cream topped with whipped topping, caramel, hot fudge and pecans; Churro Caramel Crave featuring crispy churros rolled in cinnamon and sugar and served with French Vanilla ice cream topped with caramel and whipped topping; Chocolate Lava Meltdown featuring warm chocolate cake filled with hot fudge, then topped with French Vanilla ice cream, fudge, whipped topping and shaved chocolate; and No Fair Funnel Cake made with freshly baked, sweet funnel cake dusted with powdered sugar, surrounded by strawberries and topped with French Vanilla ice cream, strawberry puree and whipped topping.
Apparently, the name churro derives from a Castillian breed of sheep, whose horns resemble fried pastry.
More commonly found ridiculously overpriced at theme parks, the churro finds its way onto the Del Taco menu as a dessert.
Handspinners like the wool from Churro sheep, and they are willing to pay premium prices for it.
Navajo weaving expert Steve Getzwiller is now offering The Navajo Churro Collection, a unique line that represents contemporary Navajo weaving.
Antano Enrique Rambal hizo la vida de Cristo: ahora millones han visto el churro del Gibson tal.