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A graphic that is digitally superimposed over the lower portion of a broadcast television image or a video frame, often in the form of a banner of scrolling text providing supplementary information or of an animated graphic designed to attract the viewer's attention.

[After the Chyron Corporation, a developer of television broadcast graphics hardware and software.]
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One thing that broadcasters have learnt about 3D TV is that "making 3D is easy, but making good 3D is hard", and that applies double for 3D graphics, says Jim Martinolich, vice-president, engineering integration technology at Chyron. "Stereoscopic 3D is a major technological advancement," he adds.
Also included are a Chyron HyperX3 real-time 2D/3D character generator and graphics platform and a GVG Kayak HD production vision mixer.
Also on display is Chyron's Quintette, a full-featured graphics workflow production and playout solution, based on the Lyric Pro technology and graphics production workflow; and the Channel Box platform, which delivers more HD capabilities including three HD DVEs and allows pre-packaged credit squeezes to be run live-to-air, reducing costs and manpower requirements.
At the recently concluded Wimbledon tennis championship, Moov, a UK-based broadcast graphics company used Chyron's HyperX graphics infrastructure to create "Seed Boards" with corresponding animations.
Chyron recently presented Quintette, its newest system in a line of newsroom graphics, management and distribution solutions that "offer broadcasters the best value and return on investment in the industry".
The latter allows a Chyron HyperX user, for example, to load an animated graphic in preview and then take the effect to air in separate commands.
In interrupt mode, messages are uploaded and delivered right away, appearing either as an audio/video announcement -- useful for safety messages - or as a moving banner (chyron) superimposed on the main message.
As CNN's Brian Stelter reported, Tucker Carlson's show touted how "DEMS HAVE FAILED BALTIMORE," while Sean Hannity cued up a segment on the "CRISIS IN BALTIMORE." Laura Ingraham, meanwhile, invited Klacik back on the show under the chyron, "DEMOCRATS WRECK CITIES, BLAME TRUMP."
"It was a chyron error, which Ed corrected and apologized for on air.
Hendler brings more than 30 years of business leadership to V-Nova and was formerly Chief Technology Officer at Chyron .
He held diverse engineering roles at Chyron Corporation, Roscor Corporation and Phillips/BTS over a 10-year period before moving onto CBS in New York City.
The words on the chyron are always changing, but, in the rightwing media since the 1990s, the fundamental message, the metamessage--not only is it OK to put ideology before fact and logic, and to believe partisan propaganda no matter how nonsensical, it's highly suspect not to--has never changed.