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Cette technique, a-t-il explique, presente l'avantage de garantir un double confort aussi bien pour le chirurgien que pour le patient, en reduisant la duree de son hospitalisation par une cicatrisation rapide et plus de securite, et permet au CHU de remplir pleinement la mission d'innovation dont il est investi.
Cica is in spired by the French word "cicatrisation" meaning healing.
Bioceramic-based endodontic sealers (calcium-silicate and calcium-phosphate based) present high biocompatibility and bioactivity with cicatrisation properties and new hard tissue formation.
Improper diet may determine or increase cognitive impairments; they may cause disorientation, lipothymias; they may decrease the immune response; they may favour the emergence of bedsores in bedridden patients; they may slow down the cicatrisation processes (7, 8).
La migration de la prothese en intravesical offre la possibilite d'un traitement endoscopique (figure 6); le traitement endoscopique ne permet en general qu'une exerese partielle de la prothese, ce qui peut etre suffisant en cas de petit orifice de penetration avec absence d'autres lesions, a condition de garder une sonde vesicale suffisamment longtemps pour permettre une bonne cicatrisation du mur vesical.
The local status was considerably better, cicatrisation and epithelization from the edges was almost complete and the patient was discharged and advised about out-patient care.
(2009) reported buffaloes in which Buhner's suture was applied showed early recovery and less post operative stress with minimal cicatrisation and no deformity of vulval lips but use of rope truss and shoe lace pattern of vulval sutures to retain prolapsed mass resulted in severe post operative test, longer time of recovery, deformity to vulval lips with reduction in aesthetic and market value of animals.
A cet effet, une firme multinationale propose le nettoiement des plaies en trois phases avec differents pansements (la detersion, hydroclean et hydroprotech) pour ameliorer la cicatrisation.
Mechanical and chemical injury of the pylorus leads to denudation of the mucosa and results in the development of synechiae and subsequent fibrous cicatrisation.4 According to Tandler in 1900, this anomaly Section of Pediatric Surgery, Department of Surgery, The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.