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 (sĭk′ə-trĭks′, sĭ-kā′trĭks)
n. pl. cic·a·tri·ces (sĭk′ə-trī′sēz, sĭ-kā′trĭ-sēz′)
A scar left by the formation of new connective tissue over a healing sore or wound.

[Middle English cicatrice, from Latin cicātrīx, cicātrīc-.]

cic′a·tri′cial (sĭk′ə-trĭsh′əl), ci·cat′ri·cose′ (sĭ-kăt′rĭ-kōs′) adj.


n, pl cicatrices (ˌsɪkəˈtraɪsiːz)
1. (Pathology) the tissue that forms in a wound during healing; scar
2. (Botany) a scar on a plant indicating the former point of attachment of a part, esp a leaf
[C17: from Latin: scar, of obscure origin]
cicatricial adj
cicatricose adj


(ˈsɪk ə trɪks, sɪˈkeɪ trɪks)

also cic•a•trice

(ˈsɪk ə trɪs)

n., pl. cic•a•tri•ces (ˌsɪk əˈtraɪ siz)
1. new tissue that forms over a wound and later contracts into a scar.
2. a scar left by a fallen leaf, seed, etc.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin: scar]
cic`a•tri′cial (-ˈtrɪʃ əl) adj.
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Noun1.cicatrix - a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissuecicatrix - a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
callus - bony tissue formed during the healing of a fractured bone
cheloid, keloid - raised pinkish scar tissue at the site of an injury; results from excessive tissue repair
pockmark - a scar or pit on the skin that is left by a pustule of smallpox or acne or other eruptive disease
sword-cut - a scar from a cut made by a sword
vaccination - the scar left following inoculation with a vaccine


n pl <cicatrices> → wildes Fleisch, Granulationsgewebe nt (spec); (= scar)Narbe f


n. L. cicatriz.
References in classic literature ?
I thought that the Sorbonne professor would express his anger openly, but, on the contrary, by a visibly violent effort, he calmed himself, took off his gloves, and showed his hands; they were unmarked by any cicatrix.
Cicatrix he latest collection has contributed to Ahl Masr Foundation.
CICATRIX is the designer's newest collection, which takes its lines and motifs from scars.
Delayed complications included two hematometra due to cervical cicatrix 4-6 weeks from surgery, which was managed by dilation under ultrasound guidance.