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tr. & intr.v. cic·a·trized, cic·a·triz·ing, cic·a·triz·es
To heal or become healed by the formation of scar tissue.

[Middle English cicatrizen, from Old French cicatriser, from Medieval Latin cicātrizāre, alteration of Late Latin cicātrīcārī, to scar over, from Latin cicātrīx, cicātrīc-, cicatrix.]

cic′a·tri·za′tion (-trĭ-zā′shən) n.
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n. cicatrización.
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Five of the 8 patients with grade 2b injury and all survivors of grade 3 injury developed oesophageal or gastric cicatrization, or both, which subsequently needed endoscopic or surgical treatment
Nanofiber nets in prevention of cicatrization in spinal procedures.
Since recanalization follows shrinkage and cicatrization of vessels, reperfusion injury may have a role in the morphogenesis of AP, which is also prevented by anticoagulation treatment.
Thus, it appears that the concentrations of ABA observed in biriba are responsible for delaying the formation of tissues; however, this does not change the survival rate of grafted plants following their complete cicatrization in nursery conditions.
An "adequate" excision of the conchal bowl with/without the crus of helix/cymba concha with unpredictable cicatrization might raise question to what extent cosmesis should be sacrificed for better visibility, cavity care, and monitoring.
The surgical wound showed signs of adequate cicatrization throughout hospitalization and later on during follow up, without complications (Fig.
Degeneration, regeneration, and cicatrization after fat grafting: Dynamic total tissue remodeling during the first 3 months.
It is defined as "a solution of cutaneous coverage continuity with loss of substance, which exposes the underlying tissues to a variable depth, related etiologically with a venous pathology determinant of ambulatory hypertension in the lower limbs, with scarce tendency to spontaneous cicatrization, chronic evolution, and high tendency to recurrence".
Hurley I is defined as abscess formation, single or multiple, without sinus tracts or cicatrization; Hurley II is characterized by recurrent abscesses with tract-formation and cicatrization, single or multiple, widely separated lesions; and Hurley III is defined as diffuse or near-diffuse involvement, or multiple interconnected tracts and abscesses across the entire area.
Another aspect that contributes for the similarity on the post weaning performance is the equal nutritional handling used with the animals and the health care performed with the castrated calves at weaning, being not observed the occurrence of hemorrhage, myiasis or problems with the cicatrization of the incision for castration, factors that may influence negatively on the performance of the cattle.
The baby was followed up weekly for a two-week period to visualize cicatrization, and then monthly until 6 months of age.
This results in hypopigmentation, telangiectasia and cicatrization of the radiation field (see Figure 1), and hyperpigmentation.