Cider press

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the press of a cider mill.

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He and his wife, Leslie Harris, tended the cider presses at the party.
Very early cider presses were made in a single column or "A-frame" arrangement.
You can look around the 16th century beamed barns and marvel at the original cider presses (still in use) before sampling today's brew on picnic tables among the apple trees.
The countryside is littered with the remains of old cider presses, but now close on 40 places are making cider from their own supply of apples.
For the most part, all farmers had small cider presses, and cider was something they could make on their own.
Most cider presses are made from oak or maple wood and have a masher that shreds apples into small pieces in a cylindrical tub.
They say the comical depictions of nudity - often showing intimate parts hidden behind objects such as cider presses and firemen's hoses - give the impression the naked body is something to be ashamed of.
It used to be a dear little village and totally self sufficient, with all its needs contained in-house ( blacksmith, baker, shop, no less than six cider presses and four farms.
Before doing so, however, he and his wife did extensive research and even visited various locations in Ontario to see how the cider presses required for this operation worked.
This is apple country, and just about any weekend in October or the first week in November, you can roll into town and revel in the cinnamony aroma of apple pies baking, watch cider presses at work and bring home baskets full of crunchy, juicy apples.
A Swedish visitor to the colonies noted the abundance of apple orchards and number of cider presses in New York.