cigar-store Indian

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ci·gar-store Indian

A wooden effigy of a Native American holding a cluster of cigars, formerly used as the emblem of a tobacconist.
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He is a considerable talent, and stories like "Driving Lessons" and "True Love Versus the Cigar-Store Indian" and "Longing to Love You" show why he is a writer to watch.
"True Love Versus the Cigar-Store Indian," a particularly strong and typically wrenching story, finds Nick cheating on his long-suffering love, Annie, with a woman nearly two decades his senior.
Besides this, Luhrmann has been accused by Greer for using acclaimed Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil's character King George as "a cigar-store Indian, standing on one leg, the other foot propped up against his knee, silhouetted against the skyline, spar and spear-thrower in hand".
Electra Havemeyer Webb, their youngest daughter and Wilmerding's grandmother, collected cigar-store Indians, patchwork quilts, hooked rugs, carved eagles, and American furniture.
Huff and John Fergurson, a professor of anthropology at the State University of New York at Cobleskill, selected a smorgasbord of objects and images for the show, including excerpts from history books, posters, magazine ads, cigar-store Indians, team mascots, and movies, including Drums Along the Mohawk and Dances with Wolves.