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Noun1.cigarette case - a small flat case for holding cigarettescigarette case - a small flat case for holding cigarettes; can be carried in a purse or a pocket
case - a portable container for carrying several objects; "the musicians left their instrument cases backstage"
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To conceal this embarrassment he took out a cigarette case he had just bought that opened in a new way, and sniffing the leather, took a cigarette out of it.
The counter had not been emptied by Raffles; its contents were in the Chubb's safe, which he had given up at a glance; nor had he looked at the silver, except to choose a cigarette case for me.
This pledge was, however, only a smoothly planed piece of wood the size and thickness of a silver cigarette case.
The only personal possession I am aware of is my uncle's cigarette case, which has already been cleaned up.
KEY ASSETS | |Two pure cut and polished blue diamonds (cufflink size) - PS1 million each | Three-bedroom flat in Peckham - PS850,000 | Del Boy's lock-up in Peckham (Trotter's Garage) - PS25,000 | Del's classic Ford Capri - PS25,000 | The three-wheeled 1967 Reliant Regal Supervan III - PS5,000 | Del's Gold 'D' 9 carat necklace - PS469 | Grandad's silver cigarette case from the Zulu War - PS150 | Del's 1981 Casio watch - PS150 | | Uncle Albert's service medals Star of Italy and Atlantic Star - PS57 | Inheritance of PS145,000 each (PS290,000)
The shabu sticks protruded from a cigarette case, said Supt.
He had previously been gassed and invalided home and on another occasion his cigarette case had stopped shrapnel from killing him.
Also included in the sale are Christmas cards signed by the royals, a coronation medal and cigarette case with the Queen's autograph.
Harry prised open three locked drawers and inside found a gold cigarette case and two top-of-the range mobile phones.
Pieces of wood, charred at the end, are pinned together in a tree shape in a metal bucket filled with sand, in which items including a fork and cigarette case are also planted.
They admitted burgling the home on Sandringham Road, Park End, Middlesbrough, and stealing possessions including ladders, a television and a cigarette case.
Meanwhile, Danny (Nicholas Lyndhurst) is upset to learn Fiona might leave him for a dream job in Aberdeen and Ted is devastated when he realises he's lost his lucky cigarette case.