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Noun1.cigarette case - a small flat case for holding cigarettescigarette case - a small flat case for holding cigarettes; can be carried in a purse or a pocket
case - a portable container for carrying several objects; "the musicians left their instrument cases backstage"
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The counter had not been emptied by Raffles; its contents were in the Chubb's safe, which he had given up at a glance; nor had he looked at the silver, except to choose a cigarette case for me.
This pledge was, however, only a smoothly planed piece of wood the size and thickness of a silver cigarette case.
He pulled an enamel cigarette case from his breast pocket.
It was identified by artefcats including a cigarette case with the initials GF, his beret badge and dental records.
Pieces of wood, charred at the end, are pinned together in a tree shape in a metal bucket filled with sand, in which items including a fork and cigarette case are also planted.
They admitted burgling the home on Sandringham Road, Park End, Middlesbrough, and stealing possessions including ladders, a television and a cigarette case.
Meanwhile, Danny (Nicholas Lyndhurst) is upset to learn Fiona might leave him for a dream job in Aberdeen and Ted is devastated when he realises he's lost his lucky cigarette case.
He asked: "Which famous Star Trek actor owed his life to a cigarette case given to him by his brother?
A jewellery box was stolen containing a solitaire ring, a three diamond set ring, a pearl necklace with matching brooch, a tie pin in the shape of a golf bag, a solid gold cigarette case and a man's gold wrist watch.
PICTURES of a Welsh Regiment soldier who miraculously survived one of the First World War's bloodiest battles have been unearthed a century after his life was saved by a metal cigarette case.
Among the curios at hand are a circa-'60s cigarette machine, numerous ashtrays and Don's totemic lighter, Betty's cigarette case and pack of Salems.
The municipality said the cigarette case was a real work of art having been created by artist Dodd Cornhill, in London, who created only cigarette cases.