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n. pl. cig·a·ril·los
A small narrow cigar.

[Spanish cigarrillo, diminutive of cigarro, cigar; see cigar.]


n, pl -los
(Recreational Drugs) a small cigar often only slightly larger than a cigarette


(ˌsɪg əˈrɪl oʊ)

n., pl. -los.
a small thin cigar.
[1825–35; < Sp, diminutive of cigarro cigar]
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Noun1.cigarillo - small cigar or cigarette wrapped in tobacco instead of paper
cigar - a roll of tobacco for smoking


nZigarillo m or nt
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Cigarillo smoking in Canada: A review of results from CTUMS, Wave 1 - 2007.
Last week at a formal dinner the man next to me, without asking, lit a large cigarillo in the middle of the main course.
But never fear, cigar and cigarillo smokers--the government didn't forget you.
When that pack was used up--it took about a month--I never smoked again, except for the occasional cigarillo.
Noel Chance's promising young chaser Cigarillo should be worth an interest and the investment of a quid or two at Newbury on Wednesday.
Timmy Murphy's mount made all and drew away from the second-last to beat Cigarillo by an easy three lengths.
Cigarillo drops back in distance after seeming to fail for lack of stamina at Newbury, where he finished well ahead of Lord Dundaniel, while Scotch Corner bids to build on a promising second on his chasing debut.
The myth is that he took a picture of Eastwood, drew some stubble, and put a cigarillo in his mouth to see if he made a star.
I wrote our song Cigarillo and he said: "That's Tommy Gun by The Clash.
In a recent photo, Rita Indiana has a plush stuffed kitten perched in a basket on her head and is smoking a cigarillo.
THERE'S always one," complained solo round-the-world yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, as he and Mr Brocklebank relaxed with a sneaky cigarillo behind the Merseyside Maritime Museum boatsheds, after his official presentation to announce the forthcoming Liverpool Boat Show at Albert Dock in 2011.