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Adj.1.cilial - of or relating to cilia projecting from the surface of a cell
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On lung sections, ultra-structural changes such as increase in goblet cells, secretory components of goblet cells, endoplasmic reticulum in goblet cells, protein synthesis, cilial degenerations, neutrophil, lymphocyte and plasma cells infiltrations, increase in intracellular ribosomes, and thickness of noncellular basal membranes were examined.
This is an important point, since the formation of the germ layers coincides with the development of the node, making cilial flow unlikely to be the cause of inherent cellular chirality [35].
At 25 hpf, individuals had developed to trochophore larvae that were actively swimming using cilial movement of their velum.
Other factors, including cilial loss, outflow obstruction and mucosal apposition, may also play a role, especially in chronic sinusitis.