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1. A coarse cloth; haircloth.
a. A hair shirt.
b. Any of various other garments or items worn as a form of corporal mortification.

[French, from Latin cilicium, a covering made of Cilician goat's hair, from Cilicia.]


(Textiles) a haircloth fabric or garment
[Old English cilic, from Latin cilicium shirt made of Cilician goats' hair, from Greek kilikion, from Kilikia Cilicia]
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Under ORCi scoring, cilice placed first overall and first in Division 1 from Audi Sunshine Coast and Kerumba (Tom Faragher).
The people here tell great things of her life; it is said that, since probably ten years, she has worn a cilice (a hairshirt), that she confessed every day these last two years, and received Holy Communion three or four times a month.
Some devotees of the ultra-conservative branch of Catholicism follow the extreme practice of "mortification" - wearing a painful barbed-wire band called a cilice around their thigh.
Bleeding is notorious and the red color is the color of passion, but the cilice is a garment of rough fabric that was worn as a sign of mourning.
Alicia Yanez's Mariana character is more than a pious figure; she is a tormented soul who castigates her body incessantly with fasting, flagellation, and the use of a barbed cilice.
Although members can take part in self-harming religious rituals, which include whipping and wearing a cilice - a spiked metal belt strapped tight around the thigh to inflict pain - Father Evans says it's just normal practice of the Catholic code.