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1. A coarse cloth; haircloth.
a. A hair shirt.
b. Any of various other garments or items worn as a form of corporal mortification.

[French, from Latin cilicium, a covering made of Cilician goat's hair, from Cilicia.]


(Textiles) a haircloth fabric or garment
[Old English cilic, from Latin cilicium shirt made of Cilician goats' hair, from Greek kilikion, from Kilikia Cilicia]
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The first step she takes is to reinforce the discipline and reintroduce the use of the cilice.
Under ORCi scoring, cilice placed first overall and first in Division 1 from Audi Sunshine Coast and Kerumba (Tom Faragher).
The people here tell great things of her life; it is said that, since probably ten years, she has worn a cilice (a hairshirt), that she confessed every day these last two years, and received Holy Communion three or four times a month.
Some devotees of the ultra-conservative branch of Catholicism follow the extreme practice of "mortification" - wearing a painful barbed-wire band called a cilice around their thigh.
Bleeding is notorious and the red color is the color of passion, but the cilice is a garment of rough fabric that was worn as a sign of mourning.
La haire sacree et le cilice rigoureux des saintes epreuves ne nous defendent pas eux-memes contre les prestiges du mauvais esprit, nous souffrons comme vous, mes enfants, et nous jugeons de la rigueur de vos combats par ceux que nous avons livres.
Alicia Yanez's Mariana character is more than a pious figure; she is a tormented soul who castigates her body incessantly with fasting, flagellation, and the use of a barbed cilice.
To be fair, I must point out that the group does allow men to use the cilice (sort of like a piece of chain link fence which is strapped around the thigh for several hours at a time to cause pain and godliness) as often as the women do.
Although members can take part in self-harming religious rituals, which include whipping and wearing a cilice - a spiked metal belt strapped tight around the thigh to inflict pain - Father Evans says it's just normal practice of the Catholic code.