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a. A small piece of burned or partly burned substance, such as coal, that is not reduced to ashes but is incapable of further combustion.
b. A piece of charred substance that can burn further but without flame.
2. cinders Ashes.
3. cinders Geology See scoria.
4. Metallurgy See scoria.
5. Slag from a metal furnace.
tr.v. cin·dered, cin·der·ing, cin·ders
To burn or reduce to cinders.

[Alteration (influenced by Old French cendre, ashes) of Middle English sinder, from Old English, slag, dross.]

cin′der·y adj.


pl n
(Geological Science) geology fragments of volcanic lava; scoriae


[ˈsɪndərz] nplcendres fplcine-camera [ˈsɪnɪkæmrə] n (British)caméra fcine-film [ˈsɪnɪfɪlm] n (British)film m
References in classic literature ?
My sole recollection, from the time I fell under the trees until I awoke the following evening, is of my head out of the window, facing the wind caused by the train, cinders striking and burning and blinding me, while I breathed with will.
Their march this day lay among singular hills and knolls of an indurated red earth, resembling brick, about the bases of which were scattered pumice stones and cinders, the whole bearing traces of the action of fire.
Couldn't see 'em fer cinders,' he described it, and the MONICA stuck by me.
When the cook had recovered from her fright she lifted up the fish which had fallen into the ashes, but she found them as black as cinders, and not fit to serve up to the Sultan.
the White Queen cried out as she rushed past the King, so violently that she knocked him over among the cinders.
Some of the deep gorges and defiles sent up sheets of flame, and clouds of lurid smoke, and sparks and cinders that in the night made them resemble the craters of volcanoes.
I used to imagine them falling to the ground in showers of microscopic cinders as fast as they entered his whiskey-sodden aura.
I was tired of school, tired of winter clothes, of the rutted streets, of the dirty drifts and the piles of cinders that had lain in the yards so long.
Had we burned to cinders aside and apart from the regular track of ships?
The litter was swept up from the carpet, and the cinders and ashes were taken out of the grate, and the whole of it was in the bucket, when her attention was recalled to the children by hearing one of them cry.
While hovering near an altar, on which some villagers were sacrificing a goat, she suddenly seized a piece of the flesh, and carried it, along with a burning cinder, to her nest.
The King screamed aloud in agony, and when his wife, the Snow-daughter, who had taken refuge from her brother in the next room, hurried to him, the King lay dead on the ground burnt to a cinder.