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Noun1.cine-film - photographic film several hundred feet long and wound on a spoolcine-film - photographic film several hundred feet long and wound on a spool; to be used in a movie camera
photographic film, film - photographic material consisting of a base of celluloid covered with a photographic emulsion; used to make negatives or transparencies
sound film - motion-picture film with sound effects and dialogue recorded on it
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Cardiff-based Yeti Films wants to speak to anyone who went to the 1969 ceremony and who may have taken pictures or even cine-film of the day itself.
These include restoring people's precious old photographs, and transferring old slides to photographs and videos and cine-film to DVDs.
Laura explains that she specialises in 'found film' and her source for this painting came in a batch of cine-film she bought via an on-line auction.
"I have a feeling there must be some sort of early cine-film of him out there but all we've got at the moment is still images.
Harley Jones, of Rhiwbina-based firm Celtic Films and Video which converted the old reel onto DVD, said the film had been discovered in a batch of films bought by a friend who collects vintage cine-film and equipment, who had bought the film at an auction years before, but never viewed the footage until it was transferred to DVD by the firm.
Anyone with Butlins cine-film or video footage should email or call 020 7758 3900.
Lionel Bacon's films of dancing from the 1930s (and 1950s) have been valuable sources for many years, and several copies are kept in a variety of collections, but viewing them has always been difficult, the more so as cine-film projectors become antiques.
Partygoers were treated to cine-film footage taken by Stuart in the 1970s in which some of the workers are seen racing reclaimed motorbikes and mopeds around their work yard.
ACA Film and Video Makers was set up in Newcastle in 1927 by cine-film enthusiasts, keen to share their passion for what was then cutting-edge technology.
Archive photographs, historic maps, cine-film, modern footage and contemporary accounts are brought together in the film, which has been produced by Birmingham-based Heritage Films in association with the Moseley Society, St Mary's Church and other bodies.