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also cin·e·ast  (sĭn′ē-ăst) or cin·é·aste (sĭn′ā-äst′)
1. A film or movie enthusiast.
2. A person involved in filmmaking.

[French cinéaste, from ciné, cinema, short for cinéma; see cinema.]


(Film) an enthusiast for films
[C20: French, from cinema + -aste, as -ast in enthusiast]


or cin•e•ast or cin•é•aste

(ˈsɪn iˌæst, ˈsɪn eɪ-)

1. any person, esp. a director or producer, associated professionally with filmmaking.
2. an aficionado of filmmaking.
[1925–30; < French cinéaste=ciné- cine- + -aste, as in ecclésiaste, gymnaste, etc.; see -ast]


[ˈsɪnɪæst] Ncinéfilo/a m/f


nCineast(in) m(f), → Kinoliebhaber(in) m(f)
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Cela n'a pas ete evident, les cineastes ayant ete eux-memes marques par ce que Frantz Fanon avait decrit comme la conscience malheureuse des intellectuels africains.
Maff), considere comme la plus influente rencontre cinematographique en Europe, se fixe pour objectif d'etablir des passerelles d'echanges culturels entre le Nord et le Sud, a travers la promotion de jeunes cineastes arabes.
The ceremony was attended by Head of Iran Cinematic Organization Hojjatollah Ayoubi, Director of the festival Alireza Rezadad, Head of the international section of the festival Arash Amini, General Manager of DEFC Mohamad-Mehdi Tabatabayinezhad, General Manager of Frarabi Cinematic Organization, Mohammad Reza Tabesh also cinematic managers, Iranian and international cineastes.
Il serait interessant, pour mieux faire ressortir la specificite de la demarche de Proulx, de mettre son cinema en regard de celui du pere Louis-Roger Lafleur, des abbes Reynald Rivard, Jean-Philippe Cyr et Thomas-Louis Imbeault, sans parler des cineastes artisanaux laics de l'epoque, dont Hermenegilde Lavoie, Louis-Paul Lavoie et Fernand Guertin.
Les cineastes sont appeles a prendre leur temps afin d'apprehender en profondeur les "revolutions du printemps arabe" et relater, a juste titre, les evenements qui en decoulent, ont souligne les intervenants au Forum "Le cinema, la femme et le reve du printemps arabe", organise dans le cadre du Festival international du film de femmes de Sale (FIFFS).
Organizers of the Fajr International Film Festival, in collaboration with the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, arranged the two-day conference on February 5 and 6, by inviting a group of Iranian and foreign cineastes, writers and critics.
Mais l'existence d'une tradition ne signifie pas pour autant une continuite, ni dans l'engagement des cineastes, ni dans l'interaction sociale que font naitre les films.
Diehard cineastes or just movie fans eager for a free screening?
Cineastes will recognise this proposition from the world of French film criticism, in which even modest studio formula films occasionally achieve interest on the basis of the individual perception by each character of events which the audience is assumed to 'read' collectively.
Tony Jetton demonstrated honed social chops, while Jay Adams, Chris Gorak and Tommy Harper were a solid hit with the European cineastes as they got all the serious questions.
Dominion's'' most enjoyable scene - for cineastes, anyway - would be Gabriel Mann's ``Diary of a Country Priest'' moment with a demon he thinks is just an afflicted boy.
That's why we've got the NFB and not a commercial movie industry; that's why we became a nation restricted to producing art-house films - "condemned to originality," in the words of one of our greatest cineastes, Gilles Carle, who, by the way, didn't make it into Monk's book.