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Males of Euglossa cordata and Eulaema nigrita demonstrated a preference of cineol (326 and 55 individuals, respectively) as also observed in other surveys in the Atlantic Forest (Rocha-Filho and Garofalo, 2014).
Melaleuca alternifolia is composed of terpinene-4-ol (42%), gamma terpinene (23%), alpha terpinene (11%) and cineol (2%).
O genero Hyptis e composto basicamente de monoterpenos e sesquiterpenos, corroborando com resultados de Araujo e colaboradores que identificou no oleo essencial de Hyptis martiusii (OEHM) terpenos, dentre outros constituintes, bem como Oliveira e colaboradores que expressou em seu estudo a presenca de 1,8 cineol e o [delta]-3-careno, componentes majoritarios com atividade contra bacterias resistentes.
officinalis 1.8 cineol and this major component is often used by the pharmaceutical industry; it is also considered useful for the treatment of bronchitis, sinusitis, and rheumatism.
Other compounds include a colorless essence consisting of terpenes and cineol. It should be noted that the smell of saffron is related to these materials.
Ethanolic selinene, [alpha]- extract of leaves: Ec, pinene and 1,8- Kp, Pa, Sa, Ab, MRSA, cineol), triterpenoids and VRE [14]; (oleanic acid, ursolic antiproliferative, acid, catecholic acid, antiseptic and guayavolic acid, antifungal activity maslinic acid, ellagic [9]; ethanolic extract acid) and [beta]- of leaves: sitosterol [11]; antioxidant, essential oil: antitumor, and propylbenzene, allyl antibacterial (against benzene, and so forth Sm, Smt,and Sor) [15].
showed the presence of Zingibrene and geranial as the main constituents with 37,58% and 38,96% respectively, followed by b-myrcene (5,9%), 2,3 dehydro-1,8 -cineol (0,08%), 1,8- cineol, limonene (0,56%), p-cimene (0,08%), linaloo (1,50%) citonellel (0,57%), 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one (3,16%), dehydro-p-cymene (0,36%), nerol/geraniol (0,05%), geraic acid (0,02%), 2,2- di-me-7- methoxy-benzo-pyon (0,22%), 2-tridecanone (0,45%).
By the process of steam distillation an essential oil is obtained (5.8%) from rhizomes having compounds borneol (0.5%), cineol (1%), sabinene (0.6%), sesquiterpenes (53%), zingiberene (25%) and a-phellandrene (1%).
The major constituents of the oil are linalool, linalyl acetate, cineol, pinene, limonene, geranial, borneol and some tannin [5].