cingulate gyrus

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Noun1.cingulate gyrus - a long curved structure on the medial surface of the cerebral hemispheres; the cortical part of the limbic system
neural structure - a structure that is part of the nervous system
limbic brain, limbic system, visceral brain - a system of functionally related neural structures in the brain that are involved in emotional behavior
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In the present study, ReHo analysis of the normal elderlies and aMCI patients revealed that in the resting state, ReHo values were significantly higher in the posterior cingulate gyrus, the inner side of the frontal lobe, the inner side cortex of the prefrontal lobe, and part of the parietal lobe.
Patients on which stimulations were applied on the subcallosal cingulate gyrus showed 60-70% response to treatment and 40-50% ratio of remission obtained in long term follow-up.
[16-17] Feng Chen and colleagues found that after receiving 3 months of second generation antipsychotic drug treatment, the ALFF of the bilateral cuneate of the untreated FES increased and the ALFF of the left anterior cingulate gyrus decreased.
Positron emission tomography studies conducted during VNS treatment of epilepsy showed metabolic changes in cortical and subcortical areas of the brain, including the amygdala, hippocampus, and cingulate gyrus, all structures implicated in the pathophysiology of mood disorders.
Brain magnetic resonance (MR) imaging revealed bilateral lesions of the insulae, frontal lobes and cingulate gyrus on axial T2-weighted images and corresponding apparent diffusion coefficient maps revealed low values in the lesions considering a metabolic stroke (Figure 1).
Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (1.5 Tesla, Achieva; Philips Medical Systems, Best, The Netherlands) revealed periventricular signal alterations in the white matter, diffuse cerebral atrophy with prominent frontal and temporal lobe, diffusely thinned corpus callosum, and reduced anterior cingulate gyrus volume (Figure 2).
For the Success event, SCZ + S patients also had decreased activations in the right medial frontal/anterior cingulate gyrus, cuneus, and cerebellar culmen and left middle occipital gyrus, in comparison to healthy men.
Voxel-based morphometry (VBM) and tensor-based morphometry (TBM), which allow 3D mapping of focal differences in brain anatomy, have detected significantly faster tissue reduction in the medial temporal lobe, posterior cingulate gyrus, and hippocampus [9-12].
Furthermore, lateralized cortical decreases were observed in the right middle frontal gyrus, inferior frontal gyrus, precentral gyrus, superior temporal gyrus, thalamus, and putamen and in the left cuneus, precuneus, cingulate gyrus, fusiform gyrus, middle temporal gyrus, and medial frontal gyrus.
Based on FDG-PET findings, brain metabolism significantly decreased in the orbital gyrus, cingulate gyrus, and medial thalamus but increased in the parietal and occipital convexity in Group A compared with that in the control" should be changed to "There were no significant differences in the cognitive tests between Group A and Group B.
[46] reported smaller gray matter and white matter in prefrontal, cingulate gyrus, and precuneus one year after chemotherapy treatment in breast cancer population.