cinnamon bread

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Noun1.cinnamon bread - bread flavored with cinnamon often containing raisinscinnamon bread - bread flavored with cinnamon often containing raisins
bread, breadstuff, staff of life - food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked
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Generic white bread, croissants, gluten-free or raisin cinnamon bread, even hamburger and hot dog buns work well.
"Some examples are cranberry orange bread dough, apple cinnamon bread and pumpkin bread dough, made with real pumpkin.
The 150 recipes cover baked goods (beignets, cinnamon bread, scones) and crowd-pleasers like the croque monsieur, multigrain pancakes and pecan topped bread pudding.
From Matt's Cinnamon Rolls; Apple Cinnamon Bread; Chicken Taco Soup; to Jambalaya; Cheesy Veggies; and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, all of the recipes comprising this outstanding and highly recommended addition to personal and community library cookbook collections are as palate pleasing and appetite satisfying as they are kitchen cook friendly and menu planning inspirational.
Others among the half-dozen $7 to $8 desserts are a cinnamon bread pudding with butter rum sauce and a warm peach tart.
In the middle of winter, my room took out a few large spoonfuls of the cracklings, warmed them, and spread them on homemade bread dough (cinnamon bread style) to bake.
Bluebird Cafe is revered for its homemade apple cinnamon bread, the foundation for the must-have French toast.
I had a fabulous salmon salad sarnie on granary bread (pounds 4) whilst my hubby Adam tucked into a bowl of wholesome mushroom soup with delicious homemade cinnamon bread (pounds 4).
Her aromatic cinnamon bread draws Sebastian into her bakery and a year later they are married.
* "We just took a fresh batch of cinnamon bread out of the oven.
Porter has retained a couple of wholesale clients through the years such as The Wild Huckleberry restaurant, which serves her cinnamon bread, so she would have something to start with.
Recipes are provided for gluten-free pancakes, waffles, bagels, baked ziti, biscuits, fruit muffins, baguettes, potato rolls, cheese crackers, pizza, cinnamon bread, chocolate-chip cookies, and many more foods.