Cassia oil

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oil extracted from cassia bark and cassia buds; - called also oil of cinnamon.

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Sprinkle a little cinnamon powder on windowsills and in doorways, or add a few drops of essential cinnamon oil to water and spray cracks, corners or anywhere bugs can enter to keep them away.
Mishra showed improvement in same histological parameters by treating diabetic rat kidney with cinnamon oil. He deduced that cinnamon decreases oxidative stress in kidneys by virtue of its antioxidant effects20.
Cinnamic aldehyde was first isolated from cinnamon oil in 1834 and the molecule is a derivative of acrolein, the simplest unsaturated aldehyde.
Other ingredients found in herbal remedies include chitosan, rosemary oil, and cinnamon oil in the Mardel herbal treatments and napthoquinine in Kordon's ( herbal treatments.
One can also take a teaspoon of cinnamon oil mixed with honey.
Unlike cinnamon oil that did not show antimicrobial activity only against Salmonella sp., and at 20% concentration was not effective for Staphylococcus aureus and Aspergillus niger.
Garg et al., "Comparative study of cinnamon oil and clove oil in some oral microbiota," Acta Bio Medica, vol.
However, when preparing biocomposite films, direct addition of the hydrophobic cinnamon oil to the hydrophilic alginate may result in a film-forming solution that is not uniform and exhibits some phase separation; hence, in this study, cinnamon oil was first incorporated into a nanoemulsion system.
viticola spores and disregarding the concentrations, the cinnamon oil showed the highest percentage of germination inhibition (70%), followed by eucalyptus globulus and marjoram, while the lowest values of PGI were found for white thyme (43%) and oregano (Table 1).
It makes up about half of cinnamon oil and is used to flavour chewing gum, ice cream, candy and beverages, as well as perfumes.