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Adj.1.cinnamon-colored - having the color of cinnamon
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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On a slope to Gertrude's right hand, Sallust's House, with its cinnamon-colored walls and yellow frieze, gave a foreign air to the otherwise very English landscape.
95 cinnamon-colored coffee mug, "Made in Thailand," and a $9.
The hybrid's Cinnamon-colored sides of the head and upper chest are harder to explain, as both parents are green in these regions.
Weighing in at about 7 grams, both males and females sport cinnamon-colored heads and gray and white bodies.
com)-- Iggy The Train Cat, the first in a new children's book series published today on Kindle in honor of National Pet Adoption Weekend, tells the story of a tiny cinnamon-colored cat with emerald eyes and a heart-shaped birthmark on his rump who is adopted in later life.
Usually, this drink is the cheap champagne leftover from some intern's going away party, but today I found this bottle of cinnamon-colored Fijian rum sitting by its lonesome (on Sam's desk).
Fast facts: USDA zones 7-9; reaches 30 feet tall; resistant to powdery mildew; produces clusters of pure-white flowers from June to September; has attractive cinnamon-colored bark.
Under a hazel bush, she had hidden her new cubs--tiny balls of striped cinnamon-colored fluff.
Before getting to see their mothers, sisters or daughters, family members had to go through a metal detector, be patted down in the "shakedown room" and go through three cinnamon-colored doors that locked heavily behind them.
She chose to keep her existing light fixture, the area rug went over wall-to-wall carpeting, and they selected a more subtle cinnamon-colored chenille and spared the banquette's tufting buttons, which Jameen felt made it seem too ``old '70s diner.
Handsome wooden blinds at the windows were installed for privacy and light control; but Younger wanted something more above the glass to draw the eye upward and emphasize the high ceilings, so cornices were covered in cinnamon-colored fabric with fancy scrolled architectural moldings affixed to the front.
Males have a cinnamon-colored throat and females, a black-and-white spotted breast.