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Adj.1.cinnamon-colored - having the color of cinnamon
coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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On a slope to Gertrude's right hand, Sallust's House, with its cinnamon-colored walls and yellow frieze, gave a foreign air to the otherwise very English landscape.
In fact, once those famous cinnamon-colored skies greet us, trickles of Wisconsinites invade our lakes.
The giant black bear rushed down the steep, timbered ridge like a freight train, ready to do battle with the six-foot, cinnamon-colored boar I had just arrowed.
Puerto Princesa City - With their dusky crowns, napes, shadowy eye stripes, bluish-gray mandibles, thin brown legs, and rusty cinnamon-colored heads and necks radiating under the heat of the golden morning sun, nearly two dozen Philippine ducks (Anas luzonica) can be seen frolicking and winging their ways over Lake Manguao in the once monarch-ruled town of Taytay in northern Palawan.
Next to the petition were some of Starbucks' latest designer offerings--an $8.95 cinnamon-colored coffee mug, "Made in Thailand," and a $9.95 glossy gray one, "Made in China." Then there was the shiny new "Verismo System by Starbucks," priced at $149 and billed as both "Swiss Engineered" and "Made in China." Using pods, the Verismo System makes espressos, lattes, and regular coffee, light or bold.
Weighing in at about 7 grams, both males and females sport cinnamon-colored heads and gray and white bodies.
Orlando, FL, May 13, 2013 --( Iggy The Train Cat, the first in a new children's book series published today on Kindle in honor of National Pet Adoption Weekend, tells the story of a tiny cinnamon-colored cat with emerald eyes and a heart-shaped birthmark on his rump who is adopted in later life.
Usually, this drink is the cheap champagne leftover from some intern's going away party, but today I found this bottle of cinnamon-colored Fijian rum sitting by its lonesome (on Sam's desk).
A shapely woman with cinnamon-colored skin exposed to the sun strolls along a street as long braided extensions bounce across her back.
It is cinnamon-colored with longer white fur on its belly and chest.
Fast facts: USDA zones 7-9; reaches 30 feet tall; resistant to powdery mildew; produces clusters of pure-white flowers from June to September; has attractive cinnamon-colored bark.