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Adj.1.cinnamon-coloured - having the color of cinnamon
coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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The animal was certainly not cinnamon-coloured. Its coat was the true wolf-coat.
It's evergreen, has white urn-shaped flowers in autumn and a vibrant cinnamon-coloured bark.
For extra appeal, plant the paperbark maple with its cinnamon-coloured peeling bark and autumn colour, or the Japanese maple Bloodgood with red-purple summer leaves that go red in autumn.
The organisation also highlighted the decline in the extremely reclusive African Golden Cat, a cinnamon-coloured feline about twice the size of a house cat living in central Africa, which is now listed as "vulnerable".
Your model is known as the "stumpy" because of its short, cinnamon-coloured feet.
It has the most beautiful, peeling cinnamon-coloured bark which always makes me stop and stare, especially when highlighted by winter sun.
The Madagascar pochard was believed to have been extinct until its rediscovery by chance on a single small lake in northern Madagascar, where just 22 of the cinnamon-coloured diving duck are left in the wild.
Several times, I've been with people for whom patience has been rewarded as the cinnamon-coloured birds clamber to the reedheads.
Golf at Hyatt Regency Taba HeightsHyatt Regency Taba Heights, a luxury 5-star Egyptian hotel occupying the prime location between the cinnamon-coloured Sinai Mountains and the cool, sapphire waters of the Red Sea, offers guest access to the 7,100-yard, par 72 championship Taba Heights Golf Course, a prestigious newcourse with the dramatic Sinai Mountains as its backdrop.
The resort lies between cinnamon-coloured mountains and a 5km stretch of pristine beach and boasts the largest diving and water-sports centre on the Red Sea, a golf course (nearing completion) and four hotels (a fifth will open soon).
Their huge felted leaves and cinnamon-coloured trunks were a magnificent sight in themselves.
Watch out along the way for groups of coati - lemur-type animals, with pointed snouts, cinnamon-coloured coats and long, ringed, upright tails.