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The 16th century, especially in Italian art and literature.

[Italian, from (mil) cinquecento, (one thousand) five hundred : cinque, five (from Latin quīnque; see penkwe in Indo-European roots) + cento, hundred (from Latin centum; see dekm̥ in Indo-European roots).]


(Art Terms) the 16th century, esp in reference to Italian art, architecture, or literature
[C18: Italian, shortened from milcinquecento 1500]
ˌcinqueˈcentist n


(ˌtʃɪŋ kwɪˈtʃɛn toʊ)

n. (often cap.)
the 16th century, with reference to Italy, esp. to the Italian art or literature of that period.
[1750–60; < Italian, short for mil cinque cento 1500, used for period A.Dutch. 1500–99]
cin`que•cen′tism, n.
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The Fiat 500c 1957 Edition features a premium dual-layer power-operated cloth top -- a contemporary solution to the famous canvas roof on the original Cinquecento -- designed to deliver all-season driving pleasure with the top up or down.
Si tratta appunto di documenti conservati presso l'Archivio Historico de Protocolos di Madrid e qui riprodotti, che offrono inedite e interessanti informazioni sull'attivita svolta a Madrid (e in altre citta della Spagna) da un ramo della famiglia di editori Giunta nel periodo che va dagli ultimi anni del Cinquecento ai primi decenni del secolo successivo.
Second went to Jon Turner from Conwy in a Fiat Cinquecento, with Abergele's Ian Clapham third, sharing Lander's Micra.
Andrew Brennan, of Eston, and father-in-law Jerry Gibbs are to motor across France and Spain in a 17-year-old Fiat Cinquecento bought on the internet auction site.
Auto Business News-April 11, 2012--Fiat SpA to launch new Cinquecento derivatives of 500(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
She was the back-seat passenger in a Fiat Cinquecento driven by her partner Craig Coey, 24, when it collided with a Nissan at the junction of St Luke's Road and Hawkshead Street in Southport.
The crash happened moments after the blue Fiat Cinquecento failed to stop for a marked police car when requested in the centre of Cardiff.
Starting on London's Bush Lane, the boys squeezed into the programme's trusty Fiat Cinquecento Hawaii, encountering road names like Swallow Drive as they went.
Il volume di Buscagli dedicato al Quattrocento e al Cinquecento dimostra di possedere le qualita che caratterizzano il progetto piu ampio.
The women to whom the title refers are the common denominators throughout a series of historical episodes that shaped the Italian print industry in the middle decades of the Cinquecento.
A Fiat Cinquecento which was parked between them, was also damaged by flames.