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1. about; circa: cir. 1800.
2. circular.
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Buy the 2015 report today and CIR will immediately send you our 2014 AOC report.
In determining whether a payment constitutes wages, courts have looked to eligibility requirements, specifically longevity, as an important factor; see Sheet Metal Workers Local 141 Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Trust Fund, 64 F3d 245, 250 (6th Cir.
The CIR Compendium is a must for dermatologists, chemists, toxicologists, and industry and consumer safety groups," said Wilma Bergfeld, M.
Another key requirement for Optical Ethernet, fiber penetration to customers, also remains low and carriers such as Yipes, Cogent, and XO which were supposed to drive the Ethernet services market, are not viewed by CIR as viable businesses for the long-term given their recently published financial woes.
We are grateful to the CIR for leading this important initiative" said Luis Gallegos, Ecuador's Ambassador to the UN and Chairman of the UN Ad Hoc Committee on an International Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.
Contrary to the Sixth and Ninth Circuits, the Eighth Circuit has refused to apply the Skidmore deference standard to revenue rulings; see O'Shaughnessy, 332 F3d 1125 (8th Cir.
Alan Anderson, director of the CIR, presented each panel member and liaison with an engraved memento to commemorate the organization's 25th anniversary.
The CIR will use the findings of this research to develop an annual report summarizing the conditions and treatment of people with disabilities throughout the world.
With prices for copper based 10 GigE already well under $200 per port and the need to aggregate GigE throughout the enterprise network, CIR expects that this new networking standard is at the cusp of a major ramp up.
1221(a)(2) and 1222 (3), because N presented n o proof of the cost of the tools and failed to establish any basis in the assets; see Reinke, 46 F3d 760 (8th Cir.
The panel discussion will be hosted by David Gross, senior analyst, optical networking of CIR.