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There are four subtypes of pustular psoriasis: 1) generalized (or von Zumbusch) pustular psoriasis (GPP), 2) annular (or circinate) pustular psoriasis (APP), 3) guttate (exanthematic) pustular psoriasis, and 4) localized pustular psoriasis (3, 4).
Typically, MAs are found in the area of thickened retina with a circinate ring of exudation [2].
Boukadoum, "Automated detection of circinate exudates in retina digital images using empirical mode decomposition and the entropy and uniformity of the intrinsic mode functions," Biomedical Engineering, vol.
She went on to develop oral ulcers, submandibular swelling and circinate papular lesions on both shins.
[14] Each lesion shows circinate scaling where the scales are attached only at the periphery, sometime resulting in the characteristic "Hanging Curtain" sign.
Physical examination revealed macrocephaly (head circumference > 97.5th centile) and an unusual vasculitic rash with a distinct circinate pattern (Figure 1(a)).
The dermatological examination showed erythematous purplish tuberous circinate plaque on his forehead (Fig.
Focal macular edema is characterized by fluorescein leakage from certain capillary areas, and it may be surrounded by hard exudates (circinate exudates) that are yellow to white in color and contain lipoprotein remnants of plasma extravasation from microaneurysms.
Vesicles may arise in herpetiform or circinate distribution.