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1. Being or taking a roundabout, lengthy course: took a circuitous route to avoid the accident site.
2. Characterized by indirectness, evasiveness, or complexity, as in action or language: a circuitous method of inquiry; a circuitous argument.

[From Medieval Latin circuitōsus, from Latin circuitus, a going around; see circuit.]

cir·cu′i·tous·ly adv.
cir·cu′i·ty, cir·cu′i·tous·ness n.


nUmständlichkeit f; (of route)Gewundenheit f
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various criteria may have contributed to the rise in circuitousness of
Memes that oppose Ukraine, the European Union, and/or the United States use direct, threatening language, perhaps because of the circuitousness of Western political rhetoric.
a strategy Strauss himself adopted, especially in his last essays, which seem to imitate much of the circuitousness and even evasiveness characteristic of what Strauss discerned in Maimonides."
I use the term circular consciousness to describe this embodied awareness of the circuitousness of identity construction, the circuitousness in our understandings of power and agency, and consciousness as the catalyst for strategies for daily survival.
While acknowledging that Henry had written something characterized by "a brilliancy and cleanness of effect," William bemoaned the style's circuitousness: "why won't you, just to please Brother, sit down and write a new book, with no twilight or mustiness in the plot, with great vigor and decisiveness in the action, no fencing in the dialogue, no psychological commentaries, and absolute straightness in the style?" (1) The complaint, albeit familiar, struck a nerve with Henry, coming as it did from the older brother; and it engendered a defense both irritable and eloquent:
The book's frustrating circuitousness is offset by Mr.