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tr.v. cir·cu·lar·ized, cir·cu·lar·iz·ing, cir·cu·lar·iz·es
1. To publicize with circulars.
2. To canvass or poll using a questionnaire.

cir′cu·lar·i·za′tion (-lər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
cir′cu·lar·iz′er n.
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Noun1.circularization - circulating printed notices as a means of advertising
publicizing, advertising - the business of drawing public attention to goods and services
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Circlator: automated circularization of genome assemblies using long sequencing reads.
Some results had nonspecific products, which could be some isoforms from alternative splicing circularization. Head-to-tail junctions were confirmed by DNA sequencing (Figure 5).
Small insertions or deletions under the R1/R2 target area will also block effective circularization. Beyond such genotyping applications, other uses in the literature have included multiplex pathogen detection assays.
The hsa_circ_0008309 linear sequence was synthesized and added to the pLCDH-ciR vector (Geneseed Biotechnology Co., Guangzhou, China) for the circularization of transcripts.
Critical sense, auditing technique, document analysis technique, sampling, circularization and survey used by auditors in performing their duties help to identify and minimize the occurrence of fraudulent events (Pinheiro & Cunha, 2003).
The circularization of racism remains hidden from many White educators, including those of us who consider ourselves to be allies and progressive (Paris, 2016).
Although the exact mechanism of circRNAs biogenesis remains unclear, three models of circRNA formation have been proposed, including lariat-driven circularization (exon skipping) [12] (Figure 1(b)), intron pairing-driven circularization [12] (Figure 1(c)), and resplicing-driven circularization [23] (Figure 1(f)).
eIF4A also interacts with the PAIP1 domain, containing sequence similarity to eIF4G, and promotes circularization of the mRNA, affecting protein expression involved in apoptosis [153].
They differ structurally from other RNAs in that they are circularized by joining the 3' and 5' ends together via exon circularization or intron circularization [10].
In an analytical approach, [216] demonstrated that enough [sup.56]Ni can be synthesized (in order to match observations of GRB-SNe), over the course of a few tens of seconds, in the convective accretion flow arising from the initial circularization of the infalling envelope around the BH.
The Spitzer results show that HD 80606b does not dissipate much heat when it is squeezed by gravity of its parent star during its close encounters, indicating that it is not "squishy." If the planet is squishier, or more pliable, it can better dissipate gravitational energy as heat, which, in turn, speeds up the transition to a circular orbit - a process known as "circularization."