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v. cir·cu·lat·ed, cir·cu·lat·ing, cir·cu·lates
1. To move in or flow through a circle or circuit: blood circulating through the body.
2. To move around, as from person to person or place to place: a guest circulating at a party.
3. To move about or flow freely, as air.
4. To spread widely among persons or places; disseminate: Gossip tends to circulate quickly.
To cause to move about or be distributed: Please circulate these fliers.

[From Middle English circulat, continuously distilled, from Latin circulātus, past participle of circulāre, to make circular, from circulus, circle; see circle.]

cir′cu·la′tive (-lā′tĭv) adj.
cir′cu·la′tor n.
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However, choosing the right circulator is not always straightforward.
The fiber optic circulator market is quantified by the following port-count configurations: 3-Ports, 4-Ports, and more than 4-Ports (> 4 - Ports).
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Pedestal Wall Mounted Air Circulator At Trivandrum Airport
Nursing Techniques, Principle and Function of Surgery Technician as Circulator is taught to operating room students which are among the basic units.
This text on microwave circulator design, presented by Linkhart, has been updated after 25 years to include new simulations and technical specifications made possible by advances in computing.
The second updated edition of Microwave Circulator Design represents vast changes in the microwave and electronics industry, especially in the 25 years since publication of the first book, and is thus a recommended replacement for any older copies and a pick for newcomers interested in the latest microwave design systems.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists have built the first-ever nonreciprocal circulator for sound that is able to break sound wave reciprocity.
New Hydra air-cooled circulator from IMS, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, can both heat and cool molds without external water, sewer, and cooling tower costs.
The circulator, said speakers, uses an integrated logic algorithm to "learn" the varying energy-usage patterns of an application so the circulator automatically determines the lowest possible operating efficiency.
They are designed for use with Grant's stainless steel or plastic baths and the models in its refrigerated bath and circulator range.
The Zoom circulator service offers an economical, convenient and greener way to take people to the places they need and want to go around town, as well as make connections to routes that will take them to destinations outside Avondale.