circulatory failure

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Noun1.circulatory failure - failure of the cardiovascular system to supply adequate amounts of blood to body tissues
cardiovascular disease - a disease of the heart or blood vessels
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Egypt's Ministry of Interior said in a statement on Friday evening that Akef, who was transported to the hospital from prison, died of "acute circulatory failure.
Ventricular septal rupture (VSR) is a rare but devastating complication after acute myocardial infarction that generally produces progressive circulatory failure and rapid deterioration.
Preliminary reports allege that the latest victims died of circulatory failure or strokes.
Results: In this study, LPS induced circulatory failure, hypoglycemia, multiple organ dysfunction, and mortality in wild-type mice.
Anasarca in chelonians (turtle/tortoise) is an occasionally seen condition with guarded to poor prognosis and has been ascribed to circulatory failure, renal failure or hypoproteinaemia (Chitty and Raftery, 2013).
The mortality was much higher in the patients who developed circulatory failure.
Its haemoglobin levels fell and it went into a circulatory failure (shock).
The defibrillator is used when there are symptoms of circulatory failure in a person with suspected heart failure.
Children with peripheral circulatory failure were treated with prazosin in supine position, intravenous fluids and BP was closely monitored.
The information is vital, as it gives quick and reliable method to detect acute conditions such as ventilatory failure, malposition of tracheal tubes, defective breathing circuits, and circulatory failure in both intubated and non-intubated patients, which is life threatening.
Dr Hussain Umrani that the dengue haemorrhage fever is a potentially deadly complication that is characterised by high fever and haemorrhage phenomenon, often with enlargement of the liver and in severe cases, circulatory failure.

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