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Encompassing on all sides; surrounding.

cir′cum·am′bi·ence, cir′cum·am′bi·en·cy n.
cir′cum·am′bi·ent·ly adv.
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[C17: from Late Latin circumambīre, from circum- + ambīre to go round]
ˌcircumˈambience, ˌcircumˈambiency n
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(ˌsɜr kəmˈæm bi ənt)

surrounding; encompassing.
[1625–35; < Late Latin circumambient-, s. of circumambiēns. See circum-, ambient]
cir`cum•am′bi•ence, cir`cum•am′bi•en•cy, n.
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The surrey in which the men enter the wilderness is portrayed as a "boat hang[ing] in lonely immobility, merely tossing up and down, in the infinite waste of the ocean." Additionally, the surrey must locate not a road leading into the woods but rather a "widening inlet" in the "fluid circumambience." And, finally, Isaac's deer stand is identified as "the crossing" (188), a phrase that refers both to his initiation into the wilderness but also to the sea as a sublime force in Isaac's mind (187) as well as Ishmael's.
Previous studies have revealed that arthropod diversity is increased when trap crops or other plants were intercropped with, or planted in proximity to, the main economic crops or planted in circumambience of crop fields (Hokkanen, 1991; Accinelli et al., 2005; Asman, 2002; Shelton and Badenes-Perez, 2006; Song et al., 2010b).
Flem has a singular appetite for capital, he is rarely seen to eat or drink, and yet he constantly masticates the circumambience. Tasting the local air, Flem is concerned with figuring out the habitual disposition of Frenchman's Bend.
His trek through the circumambience of hybridity in the U.S.