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Relating to, distributed, or occurring chiefly throughout the northern portion of the Northern Hemisphere.
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Adj.1.circumboreal - comprising or throughout far northern regions
northern - situated in or coming from regions of the north; "the northern hemisphere"; "northern autumn colors"
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Role of warm stratification in promoting germination of seeds of Empetrum hermaphroditum (Empetraceae), a circumboreal species with a stony endocarp.
Circumboreal ecosystems are experiencing significant environmental changes (IPCC, 2013).
fragilis solo posee una distribucion esencialmente circumboreal, extendiendose hasta el sur en Mexico, sin estar presente en el hemisferio austral.
alascanus, as well as of the northernmost populations of Ammodytes, suggesting that they may be referable to a circumboreal A.
Esta especie pertenece al complejo de la especie circumboreal L.
Role of warm stratification in promoting germination of seeds of Empetrum hennaphroditum (Empetraceae), a circumboreal species with a stony endocarp.
The wolverine (Gulo gulo) is a large terrestrial weasel (8-18 kg) that has a circumboreal distribution and occupies a cold relatively unproductive niche (Copeland and Whitman, 2003; Inman et al.
is a circumboreal polymorphic species with large distribution range (KOCHJAROVA, 2006).
Impacts of climate change on fire activity and fire management in the circumboreal forest, Global Change Biology 15: 549-560.
As a circumboreal species, moose are well adapted to cold but are intolerant of warm temperatures and show both physiological and behavioral responses in warm weather (Renecker and Hudson 1986, 1990).
Floristically it is included in the Holarctic Kingdom and is shared between the Illyrian province of the Circumboreal Region (Polunin & Walters 1989), where the beech forests are dominant above 1000 m, with different vegetation series related to the substrate, and the Adriatic province of the Mediterranean Region with xerothermic evergreen vegetation dominated by Pinus halepensis and Quercus ilex close to the sea level, and substituted by deciduous and thermophilous oaks when the sea influence decreases (Trinajstic 1995).
In contrast, Suzuki (1976) proposed that both species originally inhabited an ancient circumboreal ecosystem that now consists of isolated postglacial fragments in eastern Asia and eastern North America.