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tr.v. cir·cum·cised, cir·cum·cis·ing, cir·cum·cis·es
1. To remove the prepuce of (a male).
2. To remove all or part of the clitoris, prepuce, or labia of (a female).

[Middle English circumcisen, from Latin circumcīdere, circumcīs-, to cut around : circum-, circum- + caedere, to cut; see kaə-id- in Indo-European roots.]

cir′cum·cis′er n.
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adj circunciso
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Next day, to make some return for his entertainment, he took upon him to divert me with some of those stories which the monks amuse simple people with, and told me of a devil that haunted a fountain, and used to make it his employment to plague the monks that came thither to fetch water, and continued his malice till he was converted by the founder of their order, who found him no very stubborn proselyte till they came to the point of circumcision; the devil was unhappily prepossessed with a strong aversion from being circumcised, which, however, by much persuasion, he at last agreed to, and afterwards taking a religious habit, died ten years after with great signs of sanctity.
Look that thou pass him not on the way; for the circumcised slave was displaying his stolen finery amongst us.''
"It's not a must that all boys be circumcised within August.
"They abducted me, beat me up and tied my hands demanding that I must be circumcised or else I leave their family," the woman told journalists.She said her in-laws, family members and the area manager have been forcing her to get circumcised, arguing that their culture and religion (Arathi) demands that all females undergo the "cut".
A man who visited a hospital in Leicester, United Kingdom, for a cystoscopy was circumcised by mistake after doctors confused him for another patient.
In 2016, The Economist reported that over 50 percent of male children were circumcised in the United States, in comparison with between two and three percent in Finland and the United Kingdom.
For one to participate in the race, Benson said one should have circumcised while female participants were expected to register through family members or friends who had been circumcised.
Despite resisting, the accused apparently forcefully circumcised Golu allegedly in a bid to convert him to Islam.
According to her, the tradition stipulates that a female child must be circumcised between the ages of 6 months to 10 years.
For example, research shows that men who are circumcised are significantly less likely to be infected with HIV if they have unprotected sex with an HIV positive female sexual partner.
Christian respondents were less likely than their Muslim counterparts to be circumcised (83% vs.