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tr.v. cir·cum·cised, cir·cum·cis·ing, cir·cum·cis·es
1. To remove the prepuce of (a male).
2. To remove all or part of the clitoris, prepuce, or labia of (a female).

[Middle English circumcisen, from Latin circumcīdere, circumcīs-, to cut around : circum-, circum- + caedere, to cut; see kaə-id- in Indo-European roots.]

cir′cum·cis′er n.
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported this summer that 11 baby boys in New York contracted herpes between 2000 and 2011 because of an ancient procedure occasionally still used in some ultra-Orthodox ceremonies in which the circumciser uses his mouth to suck blood from the fresh wound.
In this view, the parents and/or the circumciser are not excused under section 17 StGB.
Even learned people who want to be politically relevant take their girls to 'kiasi kidogo tu ya shule', where the circumciser nick's the clitoris.
The prosecutor was alerted and circumciser was indicted.
MK Nissim Ze'ev (Shas) said his father, who was a mohel, or ritual circumciser, in French-occupied Algeria, risked his life during World War II to circumcise newborns.
When a Luhya is ready for circumcision, he will always face the circumciser and not escape to the maize plantation like what happened with the two."
"The circumciser and parents ran away and the girls were taken to the chief's office for protection," he said on Monday.
* the imposition of criminal sanctions for a circumciser who fails to meet minimum standards of care: and
She was sentenced by a magistrates court in Chuka on Thursday after admitting to taking her daughters to a circumciser.
It was heard dad-of-six Ogbewe allegedly described himself Dr Philip, a "third generation circumciser" but has no medical training.
In the Jewish tradition, circumcision (brit milah) is performed by the mohel or circumciser on the 8th day after birth.
An Osogbo-based circumciser simply identified as, Pa Alabelewe, said he had abandoned the practice after the public sensitisation and introducing a law prohibiting the practice by the Osun State Government.