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1. The boundary line of a circle.
a. The boundary line of an area or object.
b. Abbr. c or circ. The length of such a line.
3. The margin or area surrounding something.

[Middle English, from Old French circonference, from Latin circumferentia, from circumferēns, circumferent-, present participle of circumferre, to carry around : circum-, circum- + ferre, to carry; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]

cir·cum′fer·en′tial (-fə-rĕn′shəl) adj.
Synonyms: circumference, circuit, compass, perimeter, periphery
These nouns refer to a boundary or area around the outer edge of something: drove around the circumference of the city; followed the circuit around the park; stayed within the compass of the schoolyard; walked the perimeter of the estate; fenced the periphery of the property.
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Adj.1.circumferential - lying around or just outside the edges or outskirts; "circumferential highways around cities"
peripheral - on or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary; the outer area; "Russia's peripheral provinces"; "peripheral suburbs"
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Now bees, as may be clearly seen by examining the edge of a growing comb, do make a rough, circumferential wall or rim all round the comb; and they gnaw into this from the opposite sides, always working circularly as they deepen each cell.
Even in the rude circumferential rim or wall of wax round a growing comb, flexures may sometimes be observed, corresponding in position to the planes of the rhombic basal plates of future cells.
I was able practically to show this fact, by covering the edges of the hexagonal walls of a single cell, or the extreme margin of the circumferential rim of a growing comb, with an extremely thin layer of melted vermilion wax; and I invariably found that the colour was most delicately diffused by the bees--as delicately as a painter could have done with his brush--by atoms of the coloured wax having been taken from the spot on which it had been placed, and worked into the growing edges of the cells all round.
He added that the missing gap of Boracay Circumferential Road in Barangay Balabag is now 82 percent completed, with 265.5-linear meters of paved road, 100 linear meters of sidewalk (both sides) with paving blocks and two lines of drainage (pipe culverts) installed.
The Samar Pacific Coastal Road (SPCR) Project, which broke ground on Thursday, will connect five towns in Northern Samar to the two towns in Eastern Samar, forming a circumferential road on Samar Island.
Participants will tackle a 1.5-km point-to-point cross-channel swim from Sasa, Davao City to Club Samal Resort crossing the Pakiputan Channel, a 40-km two-loop bike course along Circumferential Road which features short ascents and a 10-km out-and-back run stage also along Circumferential Road.
'The Mayon road projects reportedly formed part of the P7-billion Mayon circumferential road project, which Party-list Rep.
With the main cutter unit weighing just 6 kg, the circumferential module weighing just 4 kg and the longitudinal module weighing just 11 kg, the total operating weight of a unit on any particular cutting set-up does not exceed 15 kg.
Of those patients, 589 underwent circumferential pulmonary vein radiofrequency ablation, a procedure developed there by Dr.
A circumferential stricture of approximately 60% was noted near the origin of the left middle lobe bronchus (figure).
The valve closes when the ring slides past a circumferential groove.