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 (sər-kŭm′flo͞o-ənt) also cir·cum·flu·ous (-əs)
Flowing around or surrounding.


(sərˈkʌm flu ənt)

flowing around; encompassing.
[1570–80; < Latin circumfluent- s. of circumfluēns <circumfluere to flow around. See circum-, fluent]
cir•cum′flu•ous, adj.
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that enfolds Stephen "like waters circumfluent in space" (196)--brings into play the very experience of the creator that his theory seeks to remove from the work.
the kind of flowing fluid, the flow velocity, the shape of the circumfluent surface, the position of the researched spot and on the difference of temperature between the surface and fluid.
By the end of that morning, "like a cloud of vapour or like waters circumfluent in space the liquid letters of speech .