intr.v. cir·cum·ro·tat·ed, cir·cum·ro·tat·ing, cir·cum·ro·tat·es
To turn like a wheel; revolve.

cir′cum·ro·ta′tion n.
cir′cum·ro′ta·to′ry (-tə-tôr′ē) adj.
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The act of circumambulation around them was called circumrotation (dawr).
The 3rd International Theater Festival Art-Ordo today opened in Bishkek.The program of the Festival includes opening of the exhibition "Aitmatov in the world literature", "Aitmatov in fine art", performances "White cloud of Chingizkhan", "Esimde", "Circumrotation", "Hoop", "Ak-Keme", "More than a Century...".