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 (sûr′kəm-sĭs′ĭl, -ĭl′)
adj. Botany
Splitting or opening along a circumference, with the top coming off as a lid: a circumscissile seed capsule.

[circum- + Latin scissilis, easily split, splitting; see scissile.]
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(Botany) (of the dry dehiscent fruits of certain plants) opening completely by a transverse split
[C19: from circum- + Latin scissilis capable of splitting, from scindere to split]
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(ˌsɜr kəmˈsɪs ɪl)

opening along a transverse circular line, as a seed vessel.
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Lecythidiaceae Although his family is best known for its woody "monkey pot" fruits with circumscissile capsular dehiscence, it also includes Petersianthus Merr., a genus of two species with fin-winged fruits in tropical western Africa and the Philippines.
Fruit usually a septicidal capsule, rarely a circumscissile capsule (Spigelia), seldom a drupe (Neuburgia) or berry (Potalia) [in some the pericarp of the berry becomes thick and woody (Strychnos)].