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1. The act of circumscribing or the state of being circumscribed.
2. Something, such as a limit or restriction, that circumscribes.
3. A circumscribed space or area.
4. A circular inscription, as on a medallion.

[Latin circumscrīptiō, circumscrīptiōn-, from circumscrīptus, past participle of circumscrībere, to circumscribe; see circumscribe.]

cir′cum·scrip′tive adj.
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1. the act of circumscribing or the state of being circumscribed
2. something that limits or encloses
3. a circumscribed space
4. an inscription around a coin or medal
ˌcircumˈscriptive adj
ˌcircumˈscriptively adv
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(ˌsɜr kəmˈskrɪp ʃən)

1. an act of circumscribing.
2. circumscribed state; limitation.
3. anything that surrounds or encloses; boundary.
4. periphery; outline.
5. a circumscribed area.
6. a circular inscription on a coin, seal, etc.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin]
cir`cum•scrip′tive, adj.
cir`cum•scrip′tive•ly, adv.
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Noun1.circumscription - the act of circumscribing
restriction, confinement - the act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary); "the restriction of the infection to a focal area"
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1. The act of limiting or condition of being limited:
2. Something that limits or restricts:
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(= restriction)Eingrenzung f
(on coin) → Umschrift f
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"Then the general sent me back the letter by an aide-de-camp, informing me that if I were found the next day within the circumscription of his command, he would have me arrested."
Were I assured that this is the utmost I can reasonably expect, that assurance would be a useful circumscription of my attempts, and a guide in both the positive and negative determination of my course."
Should the throes of change take me in the act of writing it, Hyde will tear it in pieces; but if some time shall have elapsed after I have laid it by, his wonderful selfishness and circumscription to the moment will probably save it once again from the action of his ape-like spite.
Indeed, in the case of the duo "Poem About Grounds" and "Another Poem About Grounds," such uncontainability becomes blatantly indexical, mocking the very idea of titular circumscription. The first of these poems is ostensibly about British football grounds, while the second is ostensibly about pleasure grounds.
The solvers participating in this second event were based on a wide variety of solving approaches, ranging from direct approaches to (different forms of) reductions to SAT, ASP, CSP, and circumscription.
Nazia Hassan is a legend who broke all the circumscription of the South Asian culture and became a true pop-star.
Over the past few decades, much research on career aspirations, defined as representative of an individual's ideal occupational choice (Davey & Stoppard, 1993; Gottfredson, 1981), has focused primarily on three aspects: (a) various social identities and populations, including college students (Tovar-Murray, Jenifer, Andrusyk, D'Angelo, & King, 2012), high school students (Rowan-Kenyon, Perna, & Swan, 2011), middle school students (Schuette, Ponton, & Charlton, 2012), and female and minority students (Martin, 2016); (b) predictive factors affecting career aspirations (e.g., gender, self-efficacy); and (c) theoretical models (e.g., theory of circumscription and compromise [Gottfredson, 2005], social cognitive career theory [SCCT; Lent, Brown, & Hackett, 1994]).
Other cellular variants include oncocytic, epidermoid and pigmented variants with melanocytes and melanin pigment in the cells and macrophages.2 Histologic features of poor circumscription, large size, solid sheet-like growth pattern, necrosis, and vascular and lymphatic invasion, pleomorphism, and high mitotic rate are suggestive of malignant nodular hidradenoma or hidradenocarcinoma.
It was located in the dermis and extended to the subcutaneous fat with lack of circumscription, an infiltrative growth pattern, and deep extension (Figure 3).
The device bounces off the nodule because it will avoid cutting through the thick tissue; in the process, it facilitates a fairly complete enucleation of the endometriotic nodule, starting with dissection until an intentional colotomy/ enterotomy is made and followed by circumscription of the lesion once the rectum is entered.