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Noun1.cirio - candlewood of Mexico and southwestern California having tall columnar stems and bearing honey-scented creamy yellow flowerscirio - candlewood of Mexico and southwestern California having tall columnar stems and bearing honey-scented creamy yellow flowers
candlewood - any of several resinous trees or shrubs often burned for light
Fouquieria, genus Fouquieria - resinous succulent trees or shrubs of desert and semidesert regions of southwestern United States that are leafless most of the year
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It is also part of the initiative of our chapter to help professionals earn points in order to comply with Professional Regulation Commission CPD requirements in the Philippines," Cirio said.
The statement on Khojaly genocide was signed by 22 members of the European Parliament, includingAndrejs Mamikins (Latvia), Norica Nicolai (Romania), Iveta Grigule-Peterse (Romania), Ramona Manescu (Romania), Javier Nart (Spain), Tomas Zdechovsky (Czech Republic), Hannu Takkula (Finland), Ivo Vajgl (Slovenia), Angelo Ciocca (Italy), Lorenzo Fontana (Italy), Marc Tarabella (Belgium), Cristian-Silviu Buoi (Romania), Alberto Cirio (Italy), Boris Zala (Slovakia), Aldo Patriciello (Italy), Yana Toom (Estonia), Ilhan Kyuchyuk (Bulgaria), Franz Obermayr (Austria), Valentinas Mazuronis (Lithuania), Heidi Hautala (Finland), Angel Dzhambazki (Bulgaria) and Salvo Poglieze (Italy).
1407l - integrated contract for executive design, Coordinator for design safety and for the execution of works for the construction of new university campuses in the former cirio area in san giovanni in teduccio - naples.
Randy Cirio, a farmer and one of the pilgrims, said he joined the movement because President Duterte appeared to have forgotten the poor.
They are missing injured strikers Henrique and Sergio Cirio but they are also a mess at the back and coach Gui Amor needs to sort things out sooner rather than later.
Ruega por nosotros/ Madre de Dios/ oye de tus hijos el ruego/ en el floreal de la herejia y la penumbra/ pues cirio eres en la blasfemia sacra/ de la misa/ divino sacrilegio/ Mira a tu hijo mistica sierpe/ de la capilla ardiente/ suntuosa nodriza en el altar del retablo/ Dale a mamar de tu leche/ al canope/ cristo eucaristico".
In 2014, artist Paolo Cirio launched Art Commodities, a project that proposes "a business model for contemporary art sales based on abundance and not on scarcity.
It's created by Cirio, whose tinned tomatoes are all from sunny Tuscany for an authentic Italian taste.
In a joint letter written by Fulvio Martusciello, Member of European Parliament ( MEP) and Alberto Cirio, Member of the European Parliament ( MEP) Brussels wrote a special letter welcoming Modi ahead of the latter's visit to the India- EU Summit next week.
com)-- The works of Enrico Cirio are real miniature works of architecture in platinum and precious stones such as diamonds, in combination with more humble stones such as lava; rubies and cork; pink pearls with stucco and glass.
Although he was hard at work this spring creating a new piece for Boston Ballet and performing with the company, principal dancer Jeffrey Cirio somehow made time for even more dance.
He was a shareholder in Juventus, and also tried to buy Lazio in 2002 after the collapse of the Cirio food empire, which owned the club.