cirrhosis of the liver

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Noun1.cirrhosis of the liver - a chronic disease interfering with the normal functioning of the liver; the major cause is chronic alcoholism
liver disease - a disease affecting the liver
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"You've evidently got cirrhosis of the liver," said Philip.
Mr Richards, who died on August 24, 2016, of liver failure and cirrhosis of the liver while a prisoner at HMP Parc Prison, told a nurse at Cardiff prison on the day he was admitted that he had non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver (scarring of the liver) and a fatty liver.
Over time, this can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, develop into liver cancer, or be correlated with the development of cardiovascular disease, Dr Lee Kang Hoe, a senior consultant at the Singapore-based Asian American Liver Centre, told Gulf News.
Simultaneously, these markers were absent in healthy individuals and individuals with cirrhosis of the liver, but no evidence of tumors on their clinical follow-up.
Muscat: Royal Hospital has once again succeeded in carrying out liver transplants for two people who had cirrhosis of the liver, according to the Oman Ministry of Health.
Earlier this year, Colton opened up about his mom's declining health in a social media post and revealed that his mother had advanced cirrhosis of the liver and was in kidney failure.
Ascites or fluid in the abdomen which usually collects in people who have cirrhosis of the liver or a cancer such as bowel cancer which has spread into the abdomen.
Cirrhosis of the liver, on the other hand, is the most important predisposing factor to liver cancer.
One 15-year-old has already battled gout, whilst another youngster is developing cirrhosis of the liver.
Alcohol is also a factor in more than 60 serious medical conditions, including: mouth, throat, stomach, liver and breast cancers; high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver; and depression.
Cirrhosis of the liver is typically caused by excessive alcohol consumption or viruses such as hepatitis C.