Situated on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.


(ˌsɪs ətˈlæn tɪk)

on this (the speaker's or writer's) side of the Atlantic.
[1775–85, Amer.]
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It is among the most useful and evocative books for conveying the complexity of activities in the North Atlantic, for seeing how cisatlantic activities in the late Middle Ages became transatlantic ties in the early modern era, and for linking developments in the North Atlantic with those in the North Pacific as Thule moved eastward.
Eastman traces this evolution from transatlantic nationalism to cisatlantic citizenship with commendable clarity and concision.
What is probably the most recent explication cisatlantic appears in Bryan A.
In fine, the anxiously awaited work that was to have crowned cisatlantic linguistic scholarship with a particular glory turns out to be a scandal and a disaster.