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n. pl. cis·coes or cis·cos
Any of several North American freshwater fishes of the genus Coregonus whose upper and lower jaws are the same length, unlike other whitefishes.

[From Canadian French ciscoette, from Ojibwa bemidewiskawed, the (fish) with oily skin.]


n, pl -coes or -cos
(Animals) any of various whitefish, esp Coregonus artedi, of cold deep lakes of North America. Also called: lake herring
[C19: short for Canadian French ciscoette, from Ojibwa pemitewiskawet fish with oily flesh]


(ˈsɪs koʊ)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -co, (esp. for kinds or species) -coes, -cos.
any of several whitefishes of the genus Coregonus, of the Great Lakes and smaller lakes of E North America.
[1840–50, Amer.; < Canadian French ciscoette < Ojibwa pe·mite·wiskawe·t oily fish]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - cold-water fish caught in Lake Superior and northwardcisco - cold-water fish caught in Lake Superior and northward
Coregonus artedi, lake herring, cisco - important food fish of cold deep lakes of North America
whitefish - flesh of salmon-like or trout-like cold-water fish of cold lakes of the northern hemisphere - important food fish of cold deep lakes of North America
whitefish - silvery herring-like freshwater food fish of cold lakes of the northern hemisphere
Coregonus, genus Coregonus - type genus of the Coregonidae: whitefishes
cisco, lake herring - cold-water fish caught in Lake Superior and northward
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