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Located within a spherical volume centered on the earth and having a radius equal to the distance between the earth and moon: cislunar space.


(Astronomy) of or relating to the space between the earth and the moon. Compare translunar


(sɪsˈlu nər)

of or pertaining to the space between the earth and the orbit of the moon.
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Adj.1.cislunar - situated between the earth and the moon
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The Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway will give us a strategic presence in cislunar space.
Tenders are invited for: Expert: pre-development of 20 kw het (hall effect thruster) for cislunar space
The B330 is a standalone commercial space station that can operate in Low Earth Orbit, cislunar space and beyond.
While the deep space gateway is still in concept formulation, NASA is pleased to see growing international interest in moving into cislunar space as the next step for advancing human space exploration," NASA administrator said in a statement.
the gateway is part of the Journey to Mars initiative by NASA, and the Space agency says it will be a small space station that orbits the moon in the cislunar space, and be used as a transportation node for expeditions to Mars.
In this environment it is necessary to make the distinction between geospace (the region of space closest to the Earth), cislunar space (the region extending beyond Earth to the Moon), interplanetary space (the space around the Sun and planets of the solar system), interstellar space (the physical space within a galaxy), and intergalactic space (the physical space between galaxies).
The advantage of the moon village over other plans such as cislunar activities, which involve space stations orbiting the moon, Woerner maintains, is that it wouldn't need a huge amount of funding at the beginning.
would send a few Orion missions into cislunar space to fly formation with a boulder that the ARM may or may not bring back robotically.
Primarily operating in cislunar space--the volume of space around the moon featuring multiple possible stable staging orbits for future deep space missions--NASA will advance and validate capabilities required for humans to live and work at distances much farther away from our home planet, such as at Mars.
But in contrast to the "flags and footprints" model, framing space strategy in terms of capabilities would bring benefits to Earth and prepare us to move outward to the rest of the solar system by first developing our own back yard--the Earth-Moon system, also known as cislunar space.
The Lunar Workshops include events on subjects as diverse as Scientific Opportunities in CisLunar Space (SOCS), Lunar Superconductor Applications (LSA) and LunarCubes (LCW).
First of all, with the conclusion of the moon race, governments have had little incentive to push further with manned exploration, given the enormous cost and risk of sending humans into cislunar space.