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Situated on this side of the mountains, especially the Alps.


(Physical Geography) on this (the writer's or speaker's) side of the mountains, esp the Alps. Compare ultramontane1
[C18: from Latin cis- + montānus of the mountains, from mōns mountain]


(sɪsˈmɒn teɪn)

on this (the speaker's or writer's) side of the mountains, esp. the Alps.
[1820–30; < Latin cismontānus]
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Adj.1.cismontane - on this (the speaker's) side of the mountains; "a contest in Virginia between a cismontane and a tramontane people"
tramontane, transmontane - on or coming from the other side of the mountains (from the speaker); "the transmontane section of the state"; "tramontane winds"
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The lowlands of cismontane southern California have proven to be hospitable not only to humans but to many exotic plant and animal species (Cox 1999).
The Gai Waterhouse-trained Cismontane made the early running but it was the two O'Brien-trained horses that muscled their way to the front as they turned into the straight.
MATERIALS AND METHODS--Study Area--Southern California's San Gorgonio Pass and the Coachella Valley are located in Riverside County, California, USA, situated at the junction of the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts with the coastal and cismontane ecoregions to the west.