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cist 1

A wicker receptacle used in ancient Rome for carrying sacred utensils in a procession.

[Latin cista, from Greek kistē.]

cist 2

 (sĭst, kĭst) also kist (kĭst)
A stone-lined grave, especially a tomb consisting of a pit lined with stones and often having a lid of stone or wood.

[Short for Welsh cist faen, stone chest : cist, chest (ultimately from Latin cista, box; see cist1) + maen, stone.]
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(Historical Terms) a wooden box for holding ritual objects used in ancient Rome and Greece
[C19: from Latin cista box, chest, basket, from Greek kistē]


(sɪst) or


(Archaeology) archaeol a box-shaped burial chamber made from stone slabs or a hollowed tree trunk
[C19: from Welsh: chest, from Latin cista box; see cist1]
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(sɪst, kɪst)

also kist

a prehistoric sepulchral tomb or casket.
[1795–1805; < Welsh < Latin cista < Greek kístē chest]
cist′ed, adj.
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A Neolithic tomb made of stone slabs.
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XVIII).' The double button in grave IX was found in the cist, together with two spiral temple ornaments and a spade-headed bone pin.
Since the 1980s Bronze Age stone-lined burial pits, called cists, have been exposed lodged in the cliff-side at Low Hauxley on Druridge Bay as the shoreline gradually erodes.
Yma mae'r gist yn glir, rydym yn gweld cist gladdu sydd wedi goroesi ers 1500 Cyn Crist - ac eto byddai'r mwyafrif yn cerdded heibio heb sylweddoli.
They have recommended detailed analysis of the remains and the cist.
The research revealed a stone cist - a half-metre long coffin-like container - which they estimate was put there in the later Bronze Age.
A dyma i chi un fach arall i bendroni uwch ei phen: "Cist fach wrth y nant,
The ruins date from at least 2800 BC through to intact buildings, courtyards, streets, chamber tombs and some thirty-seven cist graves which are thought to belong to the Mycenaean period (c.1680-1180 BC).
The stone-lined 'cist' graves are thought to be an early Christian cemetery, which typically contain no artefacts and can date from the fifth to 13th centuries.
Yr ail beth a wnaf yw bolltu popeth sy'n bosib a rhoi pob dim tan glo ac yn niffyg cist gyda chlo, rhaid ffeindio mannau bach clyfar (cofiwch chi fe all hyn eich arwain i drybini gan imi bron iawn fethu -- dod o hyd i fy mhasbort rai blynyddoedd yn 'l drwy ei guddio mewn nofel yr oeddwn wedi ei lluchio i waelod fy nghes).
Club chairman Peredur Jenkins said: "We received over pounds 85 000 from a Welsh Assembly Government communities fund, pounds 30,000 in total from two separate Gwynedd County Council funds - Mantell Gwynedd and CIST Gwynedd - three pounds 5,000 grants from local charities the Peter Saunders Trust, the Trawsfynydd Decommissioning Fund and the Rock Fund and we also received a grant from a Police fund.
According to a report by BBC News, archaeologists made the find while excavating a cist, a type of stone-lined grave, in Mellor, Stockport.