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cist 1

A wicker receptacle used in ancient Rome for carrying sacred utensils in a procession.

[Latin cista, from Greek kistē.]

cist 2

 (sĭst, kĭst) also kist (kĭst)
A stone-lined grave, especially a tomb consisting of a pit lined with stones and often having a lid of stone or wood.

[Short for Welsh cist faen, stone chest : cist, chest (ultimately from Latin cista, box; see cist1) + maen, stone.]


(Historical Terms) a wooden box for holding ritual objects used in ancient Rome and Greece
[C19: from Latin cista box, chest, basket, from Greek kistē]


(sɪst) or


(Archaeology) archaeol a box-shaped burial chamber made from stone slabs or a hollowed tree trunk
[C19: from Welsh: chest, from Latin cista box; see cist1]


(sɪst, kɪst)

also kist

a prehistoric sepulchral tomb or casket.
[1795–1805; < Welsh < Latin cista < Greek kístē chest]
cist′ed, adj.


A Neolithic tomb made of stone slabs.
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There are at least 3 types of funerary structures --Argarbi dolmen, and a cist, three cromlech or funerary stone circles in Ondarre--distributed across only 400 m, and in the identical area, other remnants of distinct chronologies have been uncovered --Roman cabins in Argarbi, a Bronze Age settlement and a settlement from the Early Middle Ages in Esnaurreta and other non-probed structures--, which indicate the recurrent exploitation of the area and rearrangement of the space through the establishment of new landmarks, each of which would play a functional role for the groups occupying the area, the availability of resources, etc.
Also, the floor of cist A was positioned on a ca 20 cm higher level than the floor of cist B, and its westernmost part rested on the ring-wall of grave B.
Since the 1980s Bronze Age stone-lined burial pits called cists have been exposed lodged in the cliff-side at Low Hauxley on Druridge Bay, Northumberland, as the shoreline gradually erodes.
After several attempts to protect the cist, a scheduled monument, the decision was taken by DNPA and English Heritage to excavate it in order to recover any surviving archaeological and environmental information before it is destroyed.
She will be in a new cist, made of stone but lined in lead so there's no moisture getting in and no further deterioration.
national defense strategy sets forth a plan to defeat America's adversaries by "countering ideological support for terrorism," or CIST.
Archeological excavations of the stone age settlement site and ruin of the stone cist grave of the early metal age in Kasekula.
CIST "offers courses specializing in missile and rocket research and development technology" the DoC said.
Since 1992, the CIST programme has offered financial aid to almost 35,000 scientists specialising in weapons of mass destruction to enable them to transfer to civil activities, according to the Commission.
CIST has been reported to be developing a ballistic surface-to-surface missile apparently based on the Tien Kung missile family and with a range of up to 300km, bringing southern China within its range.